What is ELITEAM's Age Policy?

Europa Cup Camps=  for campers 8-11 years old
World Cup Camps=   for campers 11-14 years old

Campers must be of the required age by the first day of their camp.

On a side note: We often recommend that 11 year olds who are first-time campers start with a Europa Cup camp. It is a great introduction to ELITEAM and will prepare them well for a World Cup session the following year.

An Explanation on the Age Policy:
We have tried a variety of policies over the past 20 years. In the end, our age "compromise" was that 11 year olds could go either way... they can attend either a Europa Cup or World Cup camp. Our age policy states that kids must be of the required age by the first day of their camp. Unfortunately, things get tough when kids are on the wrong side of that line by only a few weeks. Common sense dictates that a camper in that situation would obviously be fine at camp. However, if we were to make an exception for one family in this regard, then we would need to do the same for all other families who are in the same boat, and there are many. Every year we receive many inquiries and requests regarding this issue. Essentially, if we were to allow a "7 year old" into a Europa Cup camp, or a "10 year old" into a World Cup camp, it would open the floodgates, which is why we've been forced to adhere strictly to this policy. The reality is, we need to draw the line somewhere, and no matter where we put that line, someone always gets the short end of the stick. For that, we apologize. We realize it is not a perfect system.

Where can I rent a mountain bike? (World Cups only)

"Infinite Sports" is your only option for a local mountain bike rental in the Mad River Valley. They are generously offering ELITEAMers a discount. Infinite Sports is located on Main Street (RT 100) in Waitsfield, and is just a couple of minutes from GMVS. Call now to reserve a bike for your child. In order to reserve the proper size bike, be ready with height, weight and possibly an inseam measurement.

Infinite Sports
Seth Thomas
5274 Main Street
Waitsfield, VT 05673
web: www.infinitesportsvt.com
email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Call us if you need to rent a bike. We're working with a local shop.


How much mountain biking will they do? (World Cups only)

The campers will be riding their mtn bikes on campus, both through gates and over small obstacles and jumps. There is also one big day of mountain biking during camp when we all head off to a mountain biking center (either in Barre, Burlington or Rutland) and spend the day exploring the trails. Each facility offers a variety of mountain biking terrain, from expert to beginner. (Helmets are required at all times when biking.)

For expert riders, there will be one or two other opportunities during the week for an optional ride locally in the Mad River Valley.

We'll have a couple of longer rides (2-3 hours) in the Round Valley area during the week. We'll likely hit the Trailside Bike Park on one of those rides.  We'll also be biking back and forth from the NAC to the COE each day.

What is the mountain biking like? (World Cups only)

Mountain biking in Vermont can be quite challenging. Many of the trails require some technical expertise. For that reason, only the kids attending the World Cup sessions will be mountain biking.

We'll be biking the local trails in and around the COE, and perhaps beyond!

If your child does not ride his/her mountain bike very often, we highly recommend that you have him/her spend some time practicing on trails before camp begins. Your child should be able to ride comfortably on mountain bike trails, should know how to switch gears while riding and how/when to use the front and rear brakes. Please also make sure that your child has a water bottle cage on his/her bike frame (or brings a camelbak) and that their bike has had a tune-up prior to camp. We have extra bike supplies and tools on hand, but attaching a spare tube underneath their seat would be helpful. Campers are required to wear helmets at all times when riding. Lastly, don’t forget to pack a bike lock.

2015 Dates

Sorry, no camps in PC this Summer, but we hope to be back in 2016!

Europa Cup 1: July 8-11
Europa Cup 2: July 15-18
(ages 8-11)

World Cup 1: July 20-25
World Cup 2: July 27-Aug 1
(ages 11-14)