What is ELITEAM's Age Policy?

Europa Cup Camps=  ages 8-11
World Cup Camps=   ages 11-14
Girls Power Camps= ages 11-14

Campers must be of the required age by the first day of their camp.

On a side note: We often recommend that 11 year olds who are first-time campers start with a Europa Cup camp. It is a great introduction to ELITEAM and will prepare them well for a World Cup session the following year.

An Explanation on the Age Policy:
We have tried a variety of policies over the past 25 years. In the end, our age "compromise" was that 11 year olds could go either way... they can attend either a Europa Cup or World Cup camp. Our age policy states that kids must be of the required age by the first day of their camp. Unfortunately, things get tough when kids are on the wrong side of that line by only a few weeks. Common sense dictates that a camper in that situation would obviously be fine at camp. However, if we were to make an exception for one family in this regard, then we would need to do the same for all other families who are in the same boat, and there are many. Every year we receive many inquiries and requests regarding this issue. Essentially, if we were to allow a "7 year old" into a Europa Cup camp, or a "10 year old" into a World Cup camp, it would open the floodgates, which is why we've been forced to adhere strictly to this policy. The reality is, we need to draw the line somewhere, and no matter where we put that line, someone always gets the short end of the stick. For that, we apologize. We realize it is not a perfect system.

How much mountain biking will they do? (World Cups only)


Vermont Camps:

Europa & World Cup camps-
No mountain biking this year in VT. Campers do NOT need to bring bikes.

Girls Power Camps-
We hope to mountain bike this year on the Kingdom Trails. Stay tuned!

Park City Camp:

No camps in PC this summer.

What is your Communications Policy?

Cell phones (and all electronics) are not permitted at camp. In addition, ELITEAM does not allow campers to make or receive phone calls during camp, as we have found the nightly phone calls to be a distraction to campers and a potential source to trigger homesickness. ELITEAM is a time for your kids to "unplug" and focus on athletics and FUN!

If your child has a cell phone with them upon arrival at camp, they should hand it in to their dorm parent for the duration of camp. If it is discovered that a child secretly brought a cell phone to camp and chose not to hand it in to staff, we will ask you to come and pick up your child. We are strict about this rule and appreciate your cooperation. If you have a concern about this policy, please contact us in advance to discuss it. 

Should you have an urgent message for your child during the week, or would simply like to check in with us for reassurance, please don't hesitate to call.

Lastly, we encourage all parents to follow the ELITEAM Blog that is updated daily during camp. This helps keep you connected to all of our activities and adventures during the week. The full photo gallery will be posted at the end of camp.



Can my child call home during camp?

Phone calls (and cell phones) are not permitted at ELITEAM, as we have found the nightly phone calls to be a distraction to campers and a source to trigger homesickness. If your child is not able to last the duration of camp without speaking to you, then he/she is not quite ready for ELITEAM. If you're "on the fence" about registering, we suggest waiting a year. Have your child "practice" their overnights, and then reevaluate for next Summer. When that time comes, think about sending them with a buddy. That can help their comfort level tremendously. Please consider this carefully. It is important to us that your child have a positive experience at ELITEAM.


2017 Dates


Europa Cup: July 5-8
World Cup 1: July 10-15
World Cup 2: July 17-22
GMVS Campus- Waitfield, VT

GPC 1: July 29- Aug. 1
GPC 2: Aug 3- 6
BMA Campus- East Burke, VT

Sorry, no PC camps in 2017.
We plan to return in 2018!

All 2017 camps are overnight.

Europa Cup- $775
World Cup- $1275
Girls Camps- $825