The Eliteam Camp Staff of Vermont

Doug and Kelley consider the coaching staff to be a critical part of ELITEAM’s success. The staff is handpicked for their experience, education and positive energy. Over 80% have been ELITEAM campers themselves. Every coach has a passion for athletics and a desire to help each athlete achieve their best. Every staff member believes in the ELITEAM philosophy of the "complete" athlete, and is Red Cross CPR certified.

About Colin

Colin Moffatt
Colin Moffatt

Name: Colin Moffatt

Education: BA- International Politics, Colorado College '00

Years at Eliteam: 3 years as a coach (wish I'd been a camper!)

Skiing Background: started skiing at 2, lived and breathed ski racing with Ford Sayre Ski Club until 17, short hiatus but back and loving it more than ever!

Other Activities: windsurfing, water skiing, whitewater kayaking, pretty much all "w" sports

As an Athlete, I'm inspired by... people who never give up.

Coaching Experience: 8 yrs as Head Coach/Program Director for Cochrans Ski Club (J3's & younger), 7 yrs coaching/running summer ski camps for J2's through national team members, spent this past Winter out West coaching the Sugar Bowl Ski Team.

Favorite Moments as a Coach: Watching kids transform from shy, quiet and a little nervous the first day to fun, confident and bright-eyed in such a short time.

Favorite Eliteam workout: Circuits- you never think you'll make it to the end, but somehow you survive and feel so tough after.

Favorite Eliteam dance move: The Sprinkler, for sure.

Personal/Fitness Goals for this year: Maintain core strength and flexibility through the summer and fall to go into ski season STRONG! run 35 off at a waterski tournament before I graduate to "old man" speed next some flips in the terrain park, so the kids think I'm still cool...

About Megan

Megan Andrews
Megan Andrews

Name: Megan Andrews

Education: BS- Movement Science, Hobart and William Smith Colleges '10, Doctorate of Physical Therapy- Sacred Heart University '14.

Years at Eliteam:  10 - four as a camper, two as a counselor, and four as a coach.

Skiing Background: Strapped on skis at the age of 3. Raced for Stratton Training Center for 6yrs. Just recently moved home from Utah where I got to experience some amazing big mountain skiing.

Other sports/activities I enjoy: Anything outdoors! Always trying new sports to keep things fresh.  I enjoy lacrosse, field hockey, rock climbing, running, and playing with my dog outside!

As an Athlete, I am inspired by... my friends. We encourage each other to get out and try new things. I have a tendency to surround myself with people who push me to my limits and help me to grow as an athlete. We're there to support each other and have fun!

Coaching Experience: 6yrs coaching the freestyle team at Stratton Mountain and many years coaching various camps for kids from Eliteam to summer field hockey and lacrosse camps.

Favorite Eliteam Memory: As a camper…Finally catching the trapeze (I was a bit of a head case and always psyched myself out, but finally caught it!)
As a coach...when a camper accomplishes something they didn’t think that they could do. I love their look of shock and excitement that they actually did it!

Favorite Eliteam dance move: All of them!!! The dance is one of my favorite parts of camp :)

Favorite Eliteam workout: Circuits! I love the energy in the room and everyone working so hard to push themselves and then walking out drenched in sweat.

What I love most about Eliteam: I love the excitement I get every year in the weeks leading up to camp and the first day meeting everyone. I love everything about camp which is why I keep coming back!

Unusual Talent: The Eliteam pretzel. It requires a bamboo pole, balance, coordination and flexibility.

Personal/Fitness Goals: My fitness goal this year is to continue with Crossfit training and to work on my flexibility.

About Gunnar

gunnar shaw-
Gunnar Shaw

Name: Gunnar Shaw

Nickname: The Gunshow

Education: Hanover High School 2010, Dartmouth Class of 2014

Years at Eliteam: 8 (camper 4, counselor 3, coach 1)

Skiing Background: Skied for Ford Sayre all my life and raced USSA and FIS. Raced  in many Eastern Cups and the J2 Nationals. Skied my Freshman year at Dartmough College.

Other Activities I like: I am currently on the lacrosse team at Dartmouth. I play defense (the best position) and will probably be tossing the ball around a little bit at camp. Bring your stick!

As an athlete, I am inspired by... Underdogs who find a way to persevere despite circumstances that hold little favor for them.

Coaching Experience: I was a counselor at Eliteam for 3 years and learned many of the essential parts to being a coach from mentors as Doug Lewis & Andrew Whiteford.

Favorite Memory as a Camper: The cheese song gets me every time.

Favorite Moment as a Counselor: Watching Ellie crush all the guys in the obstacle   course.

Favorite Eliteam workout: Hills!

Favorite Eliteam dance move: The Sprinkler is definitely my favorite dance move. It combines both skill, fitness and finesse while utilizing your entire body in the most mechanical move I have ever seen.

Unusual Talent: I can balance in the Frog Pose 'til the cows come home.

Personal/Fitness Goals this year: Get back in shape and back to lacrosse after my most recent knee injury!

When I'm not coaching at Eliteam, I'm... exercising, studying and taking classes at Dartmouth, or hanging out with friends.

Interesting Eliteam story... Any time a camper rides their bike without a helmet and has to wear their helmet for the day always makes for a funny story.

What I love most about Eliteam: I love seeing campers achieve their goals.

Lessons Learned: Eliteam has taught me so much about my body and about pushing the limits to do my best. I have learned that one can be successful at anything with the right amount of focus and effort.

My Motto: Git 'Er Dun.

About Kara

kara shaw-
Kara Shaw

Name: Kara Shaw

Nickname: Kooky Kara

Education: Hanover High School, Burke Mtn Academy PG, Currently attending Middlebury College.

Years at Eliteam: 8- camper 4, counselor 2, coach 2

As an athlete, I am inspired by... Overcoming obstacles. I love finding new challenges and testing my limits.

Skiing Background: I started skiing at 2 and joined the local race program, Ford Sayre, at age 9. I have been racing ever since.

Other Sports/Activities I like: Soccer, Lacrosse, Tennis, Road biking.

Favorite Eliteam experience as a Camper: Catching the trapeze!

Favorite Eliteam experience as a Coach: Jello Drop

Favorite Eliteam workout: Uphill leg routine... duh!

Favorite Eliteam dance move: The Shopping Cart.

Unusual Talent: Learning and performing hip hop dances from the TV show, So You Think You Can Dance.

Rules to live by: Do one thing a day that scares you.

Fitness Goals for 2011: Lots of long road bike rides to train for the annual Kelly Brush century ride in Middlebury, VT.

About Will F

Will F
Will Frascella

Name:  Will Frascella

Nickname: Lil' Will

Education: GMVS Alumn, St. Lawrence University '10.

Years at ELITEAM: 9 (six years as a Camper, Counselor once, Coach twice)

Skiing background: GMVS weekend program to GMVS academy. Best achievement J2 Nationals

Other sports/activities I enjoy: Sledding (Mad River Rockets) & Biking

Coaching Experience: Eliteam & College ski racing camps

Favorite ELITEAM memories as a camper: Sand pits in Williston

Favorite ELITEAM moments as a Coach: Capture the flag in the rain

Favorite ELITEAM workout: Backwards Tucks uphill

Favorite ELITEAM dance move: The Sprinkler

Special talents: Computers

When I'm not coaching at ELITEAM: Manager of Smalldog Electronics in Manchester, NH.

Personal Goals for this year: Complete back flip on sled

About Molly

Molly McLeod-
Molly MacLeod

Name: Molly MacLeod

Nickname: Magical Molly

Education: Colby-Sawyer College 2010, Exercise Science

Years at Eliteam: 2 AWESOME years at ELITEAM- 1 as an intern and 1 as a Coach

Skiing Background: Been on skis since 2 years old, Ski racing at 10 years old, Skimeister in 2005, Captain of the Colby-Sawyer Women's Alpine Team for two years.

Coaching Experience: Assistant alpine ski coach at Saint Michael's College 2010-2011

Other Sports/Activities I like: Hiking, soccer, swimming, mountain biking, cross-country skiing, wake-boarding, water skiing, and capture the flag.

As an athlete, I am inspired by... seeing other athletes strive to become better athletes by putting in the time and 100% of their effort so that they can achieve greatness in a sport or activity they truly love to do.

Favorite Eliteam experience: sand pit slalom wipe-outs!

Favorite Eliteam workout: The obstacle courses

Favorite Eliteam dance move: The swimmer.

Unusual Talent: An avid hula hooper.

Goals for this year: I would like to run a half marathon. I'd also like to finish in the top 5 in my age group for the Top Notch Triathlon Iron Woman.

When I'm not coaching at Eliteam, I'm... Working or hanging with friends and family...and dreaming of skiing!

About Dan

Dan Bell
Dan Bell

Name: Dan Bell

Nickname: Beeze


Education: Just finished senior year at GMVS, heading to Bates in the Fall.

Years at Eliteam: 2- one camper, one counselor. First year as a coach!

Skiing Background: Grew up skiing at Ski Sundown before enrolling at GMVS.

Other Sports/Activities I like: Lacrosse

Coaching Experience: Looking forward to my first year as a coach at Eliteam!

Favorite Eliteam workout: Hiking Mad River!

Favorite Eliteam memory as a camper: Dancing to Born to be Wild at the end of camp.

Favorite Dance Move: The Meat Grinder

Personal/Fitness Goals for this year: 30 pull-ups

When I'm not coaching at Eliteam, I'm... hiking, playing lacrosse or training for the Eliteam leg routines.

Interesting Eliteam story: Won the Jello Drop as a camper without missing a single piece of jello.

What I love most about Eliteam: The inspiration and motivation that I left with when I was a camper to do whatever it takes to be the best in the world at ski racing.

Important lessons learned: 90% of success is due to mental strength and toughness.

My motto: cool, composed, confident.

About Lauren

Lauren Germano
Lauren as a Hawaiian Superhero!

Name: Lauren Germano

Education: Plymouth State University 2010

Years at ELITEAM: First year! So psyched!!!

Skiing background: Started skiing when I was 2. Racing when I was 6 at Okemo in Hopefuls. Yup, that's what they called J6/7's!!! Continued racing for Okemo through high school. Raced at Plymouth State for 4 years. Now, trying to keep up with J6's during the weekends on Tumbler or Semi-Tough.

Other sports and activities I like: Lacrosse, soccer, hiking, kayaking, sailing, attempting to surf, and biking.

Coaching/Teaching Experience: English teacher & Learning Enrichment teacher at the Green Mtn Valley School. Also GMVS girls' lacrosse coach and Dorm Parent. J6 coach at the GMVS Ski Club on weekends in the Winter.

Unusual Talents: I am a semi-professional Tour Guide at Ben & Jerry's during the Summer.

Normal Talents I Do Not Have: Whistling, snapping my fingers and rolling my tongue into the hotdog.

Personal Goals for 2011: Get to the point where I can bike to work at the Ben & Jerry's factory in Waterbury, work an entire day, and bike home. Also, this needs to be quick enough so my three free pints don't melt!!!



About Joe

Joe Paul
Joe Paul

Name: Joe Paul

Education: University of Wisconsin-River Falls. Major: Exercise Science; Minors: Athletic Coaching, Outdoor Education

Years at Eliteam: 2 years as a coach at ELITEAM's MN Ski Expo

As an athlete, I am inspired by... Never settling, always wanting to get better.

Skiing Background: On snow at age 2. Grew up skiing when both of my parents were ski patrollers. Raced high school, USSA/FIS competitively. Won races at the USSA/FIS level.

Other Sports/Activities I like: Baseball, Triathlon, Mtn Biking.

Coaching Experience: 6 years at Team Afton in Minnesota. 3 years as the head J321/FIS coach.

Personal/Fitness Goals for this year: Place 1st for my age group in a sprint Triathlon, by improving my swimming. Learn to kiteboard.

When I'm not coaching at ELITEAM, I'm... Working for my family-owned tree transplanting business.

Rules to live by: Better your world, and you will better yourself. Better yourself, and you will better your world.


About Sara

Chad Koenig
Sara Kikut

Name: Sara Kikut

Education: GMVS '11, Dartmouth College

Years at Eliteam: 4 - Camper 3, Counselor 1

Skiing Background: I started racing at the GMVS Ski Club when I was 8 years old. I have continued to do so ever since.

Other Sports/Activities I like: Track & Field (100m & 200m dash), Soccer.

As an Athlete, I am inspired by... my passionate coaches.

Coaching Experience: Have coached at Burlington Park and Rec Track & Field camp and at the GMVS ski club.

Favorite Eliteam Memory: Winning the Jello Drop and meeting my best friend Makenzie Brown

Favorite Eliteam workout: Sandpits!!!!!

Favorite Eliteam dance move: Meat Grinder

When I'm not coaching at Eliteam, I'm... Still doing the same thing... Having fun.

What I love most about Eliteam: The cool, loving & energetic people.

Favorite quote: "Chew ten times before you swallow" - Doug Lewis

About Katie

Katie Westhelle
Katie Westhelle

Name: Katie Westhelle

Education: BS in Physical Education from UVM, currently in Master Program at UVM for Early Education.

Coaching Experience: Have been coaching children's skiing since 1991, children's coach trainer at Sugarbush, Girls Freestyle Team coach at Mad River Glen, and currently coaching J6s for the GMVS ski club.

Teaching Experience: I teach at the Waistfield Elementary School and run their after school program. Most recently coached the "Girls On The Run" program for 3rd to 5th grades girls at the Waitsfield School, a program designed to build self-esteem in young girls.

Other Sports/Activities I enjoy: I run, run, run!

As an athlete, I am inspired by: good friends who I run with and watching the tremendous athletic improvement of the children I coach over the years.

Years at Eliteam: 2007 was my first year as a coach and dorm parent.

Favorite Eliteam experience: I enjoyed getting to know all the kids and watching their love for playing sports and meeting new challenges. The food was great, I even learned some new stretches.

Favorite Eliteam workout: I love the uphill squat jumps.

Favorite Eliteam dance move: The shopping cart.

Goals for this year: 30 minutes of cardio everyday, always work on my flexibility and stay injury free!

About Abby

Abby Fucigna
Abby Fucigna

Name: Abby Fucigna

Nickname: Fuci

Education: Hopkinton High School, Burke Mtn Academy PG, Dartmouth College Class of 2015

Years at ELITEAM: 4 yrs as a camper, 1st year as a coach

Skiing background: I started skiing at age 2 at Loon Mtn but grew up racing at Waterville Valley/Waterville Valley Academy. I took 2 years off from school to PG at BMA and was on the USST D Team last year. Skiing on the Dartmouth Ski Team next Winter!

Other sports and activities I like: Swimming, Field Hockey, Hiking and jumping off cliffs!

Favorite ELITEAM memory as a camper: Definitely the ELITEAM Dance, I would practice my "Sprinkler" and "Shopping Cart" all week long.

Favorite ELITEAM workout: Sand Pits

Favorite ELITEAM dance move: Too hard to decide. I still use them on the dance floor.

Interesting ELITEAM story: When my older sister got poison ivy all over her body... not fun. But funny for me.

What I love most about Eliteam: The hard work and effort it requires while still having an awesome time!

When I'm not coaching at ELITEAM: I'm skiing, skiing, skiing! But pretty soon school, school, school!

My Motto: Put everything you have into what's in your control, the rest is luck.

Personal Goals for 2011: Continue to take care of my knees, and beat all the boys.

About Will C

Will Courtney
Will Courtney

Name: Will Courtney

Education: Gould Academy 2007, University of Vermont 2011

Years at Eliteam: 1 year as a camper, 1st year coaching!

Skiing Background: Started as a J5 at Quechee; raced at Stowe (MMWA) as J3; raced at Gould Academy from J3-J1 (FIS & USSA levels)

Other Sports/Activities I like: Hiking, mountain biking, lacrosse, soccer, basketball, golf, any ball sport!

Coaching Experience: 2 yrs Head J3 coach at Quechee, 1 yr Asst. J3 coach at KMS, currently assistant J1/2 Men's Coach KMS for 2011-12

Favorite Eliteam workout: Sandpits

Favorite Eliteam memory as a camper: The challenge of the Ropes Course & action of the Mountain Biking

Personal/Fitness Goals for this year: To replace my running with daily mountain bike rides.

When I'm not coaching at Eliteam, I'm... Outside!

What I love most about Eliteam: The atmosphere (coaches, counselors, kids) pushes each and every individual athlete to achieve their best, no matter what the task.

Important lessons learned: At Eliteam I learned about the importance of exercising and nutrition in order to succeed as an athlete and a skier.

My motto: Pin it to win it!

About Jenn

Jennifer Shropshire-
Jenn Shropshire

Name: Jennifer Shropshire

Nickname: jshrop

Education: George Washington University '13

Years at Eliteam: Six - 2 camper, 2 counselor, 2 coach

Skiing Background: Skiing since age 3, Raced for Pico Mountain Ski Club from age 6-14, Raced for my high school in Massachusetts

Other Sports/Activities I like: Soccer, Softball, Lacrosse

Favorite Eliteam Memory as a Camper: making it up the vertical playpen my last year as a camper!

Favorite Eliteam Memory as a Coach: winning the Eliteam olympics last year!

Favorite Eliteam workout: Leg routine up the hill

Goals for this year: Make the ultimate frisbee team at George Washington

What I love most about Eliteam: Coming back every year!

About Anna

Anna Kikut
Anna Kikut

Name: Anna Kikut

Nickname: Anna Banana

Education: GMVS '11, Dartmouth College

Years at Eliteam: 4 - Camper 3, Counselor 1

As an athlete, I am inspired by... other athletes and my role models.

Skiing Background: I started skiing when I was six. I started racing at the GMVS ski club I was eight. I went to GMVS 7th-12th grade.

Other Sports/Activities I like: playing soccer & eating ice cream.

Favorite Eliteam memory/moment: Dancing for the parents and the Eliteam Olympics

Favorite Eliteam dance move: the Meat Grinder

What I love most about Eliteam: Working out with energetic and fun people.


About Doug

Doug Lewis — Co-Founder of Eliteam
Doug Lewis- Founder

Name: Doug Lewis

Nickname: LEW

Education: 1982 GMVS Grad, 1992 UVM Bachelor's Degree/ Small Business Management

Years at ELITEAM: Created ELITEAM in 1990 with good friend and fellow USST Alum Kraig Sourbeer. Been at the helm ever since.

Skiing background: '84 & '88 Olympian, World Championship Bronze medalist '85. GMVS Graduate; Jr Olympic Champion '80; Ran first World Cup in 1981; Retired from USST in 1988; Won JEEP King of the Mountain Professional Downhill Race in 1994; Won Mad River Glen Vertical Challenge; National Pacesetter for Nastar since 2002. Still loves to ski!

Other sports/activities I enjoy: EVERYTHING! Especially trail running, biking, hiking out my back door.

As an athlete, I'm inspired by... any athlete, Olympian to J5, who pushes their limits to do something extraordinary.

Coaching Experience: Started coaching junior ski racing in 1990. Then added ELITEAM in the summer. I love coaching all levels, but especially young athletes.

Favorite ELITEAM memory: There are too many. However, coaching Warren Colomb on the World Cup traverse was pretty life-changing. Another great memory was when a young athlete named Max spilled a huge bucket of red Gatorade on the kitchen floor. I remember watching it flow down through the feet of our cook Sandy, who was facing in the opposite direction. Then watching Sandy look down. That was memorable. Lastly, assembling in the Gazebo for morning runs is always a favorite part of my ELITEAM day.

Unusual/Interesting talents: I like physical pain. Nowadays I like to push myself in long distance running and hiking events. In the last few years I have participated in a 12 hour adventure "death" race and three 50K trail running races. They have pushed me physically and mentally.

Favorite ELITEAM workout: Leg Routines! Definitely.

Favorite ELITEAM dance move: Mine is for sure "Pulp Fiction". How cool is that move. The "Pencil Sharpener" is my honorable mention.

Interesting ELITEAM story... For me, running into ELITEAM graduates in their 20s & 30's is very satisfying. They always will talk about their experiences at ELITEAM and how something clicked and changed their lives. Whether it was morning run, the ropes course, a leg routine, or a particular coach, ELITEAM changed their lives for the better and that is what it is all about.

When I'm not coaching at ELITEAM: Alpine Analyst on Universal Sports covering the World Cup circuit. Coaching athletes (both young and old!) on how to ski better, faster, safer.

Personal/Fitness Goals for this year: Racing in a 50 mile trail running race.

My Favorite Quote: Pain is temporary. It may last a minute, an hour, a day, or a year, but eventually it will subside. If I quit, however, it lasts forever. - Lance Armstrong

About Maddy

Maddy Lewis
Maddy Lewis

Name: Maddy Lewis

Nickname: Maddy Maddog

Education: Two weeks of Obedience training and many years of ELITEAM camps.

Years at ELITEAM: since 2003!

Skiing background: I once followed my mom down the Nastar Course. I cut all my paws on her super sharp edges.

Other sports/ activities I like: Chasing Balls is my game. There may be other faster dogs, but I am a Ball strategist and take it very seriously. And I LOVE swimming!!!

Coaching Experience: Still trying to pass my Level I.

Favorite ELITEAM moments as a camper: Every day when the kids throw the ball for me. I also like to help wake up the kids at 6:30am. I jump on their beds and lick their face.

Favorite ELITEAM workout: Chasing the kids when they do Andrew's Crazy Relays.

Favorite ELITEAM dance move: The Sprinkler... I love water.

Unusual talent: I am THE BEST at finding a muddy waterhole and laying in it before anybody else!

Personal Goals for this year: Try not to get too muddy during camp and to stretch more.

About Kelley

Kelley Lewis — Co-Founder of Eliteam
Kelley Lewis

Name: Kelley Lewis

Education: Burke Mtn Academy '88, Green Mtn Valley School PG '89-'91, University of Vermont- BA Psychology '95.

Years at Eliteam: 18

Skiing Background: Strapped on my first pair of skis at age 3. Started racing at 7. Raced in Canada until I was 14, then moved to Vermont to continue my ski racing career. Raced in a World Cup DH in '91 as part of the Canadian National Development Team. Later raced for UVM. And now? Occasionally run Nastar and Ski Bum races at Sugarbush.

Other Sports/Activities I like: Anything involving the outdoors and fresh air... early morning skinning adventures on the mountain are my new favorites in the Winter. Also like hiking, road biking, mtn biking, and snowshoeing.

As an athlete, I'm inspired by: 20 years ago I would have answered differently, but now, it's simply... "The Great Outdoors". The mountains, country roads, sunrises and fresh air inspire me to get out there and enjoy it. The simple act of getting out there inspires and encourages a positive attitude, hard work and goal-setting. It feels good to be strong and healthy.

Coaching Experience: Coached the GMVS J5 weekend program in the 90's and recently hopped on-board that weekend train again. Great to be back! Have also coached plenty of "older kids"... masters, ski bums, college camps & women's clinics.

Favorite Eliteam Moments as a Coach: Receiving letters from the kids and parents after camp is over... telling me how much they loved it, that the kids have made positive changes in how they eat, train, and think... and that they can hardly wait until next year!

Favorite Eliteam workout: Circuits in the gym... the entire camp together, legs burning, music blaring... awesome!

Favorite Eliteam dance move: "007" & flight attendant

Personal/Fitness Goals for this year: For me- more strength & agility training, and going for 6" on the Eliteam flexibility board test. For Eliteam- Make sure every camper leaves with a smile!

Lessons Learned: Eat well, get lots of sleep, make a list, and always pack the night before.

My Motto: Make it happen Captain!

About Andrew


Andrew Whiteford
Andrew Whiteford

Name: Andrew Whiteford

Nickname: Dub

Longmeadow High School, Class of 2001. University of Vermont, Business Major.

Yrs at Eliteam:
This year will be my 14th! (camper 2, counselor 2, coach 10)

Skiing background: I started in middle school with interclub racing, and continued racing through high school.  Since then, I've focused on big mountain skiing. This led me to Jackson Hole, WY where I have lived and skied for 4 years.  I'm currently a sponsored skier living the dream! Click here to see Andrew in-action!

Other sports and activities I like: Mountain biking, hiking, running, rock climbing, swimming.

Coaching Experience: This is my 10th year chasing after Eliteam campers!

Favorite Eliteam memories: As a camper…Optional mountain bike rides on the trails around Waitsfield. Amazing! As a coach... Getting to lead the mountain bike rides!

Read more: About Andrew