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The Eliteam Camp Staff of Vermont

Doug and Kelley consider the coaching staff to be a critical part of ELITEAM’s success. The staff is handpicked for their experience, education and positive energy. Over 80% have been ELITEAM campers themselves. Every coach has a passion for athletics and a desire to help each athlete achieve their best. Every staff member believes in the ELITEAM philosophy of the "complete" athlete, and is Red Cross First Aid & CPR certified.

About AJ Ginnis

AJ is a current member of the USST. He had a very successful season this winter, racing his first World Cup and winning bronze in the World Junior Championships in Norway. Congrats AJ!

AJ was born in Greece, trained in Austria as a youngster, then moved to VT and attended the Green Mountain Valley School.
He coached for us in Park City last year. This year he'll be joining us in VT.

Competitive Sports Background-

4 year member of USST. Junior World Champs medalist. Europa Cup, Nor Am & US Nationals podiums.

What have you learned from your sport?

You get out what you put in!

Other sports/activities I like-

Coaching experience-

Basketball & Volleyball. I could play all day long!

Personal fitness goals for 2015-
Beat Doug Lewis in a 5K.

When I'm not coaching at ELITEAM, I'm...
Training at the Center of Excellence, trying to get on the same playing field as Marcel Hirscher on and off snow (lots of ground still to make up).

Favorite "power" food/fuel-
Protein smoothies.

What I love most about ELITEAM-
The atmosphere! Can't beat it.

Most memorable ELITEAM moment-
Sandpit SL. Those really prep you for World Cups.

Advice to young athletes-
Enjoy the process. We all have goals we want to achieve and the only way to get there doing our best in the moment and enjoying ourselves every step of the way. If the process isn't enjoyable, what's the point of having that goal?

My motto in life-
Dig Deep (Sorry Lew, stealing this one from you!)

About Ali Spencer

Through sports, I’ve learned how hard work and patience pay off. Everything in life takes dedication. If you have the drive and desire to succeed, and if you dedicate yourself to it, and take the time out to work as hard as you can, then you will become successful in whatever you choose. 

When I’m not coaching at Eliteam...
I’m the Athletic Trainer at GMVS and dorm parent to 20 students.

GMVS Graduate 2010, Castleton State College 

Years @ ELITEAM- 4
3 years as a camper way back when. 2015 will be my second year as ELITEAM's Athletic Trainer.

Competitive sports background- 
Competitive ski racer for 15 years. Raced at GMVS, and then went on to become captain of the Castleton Ski team, making two national appearances with Castleton and helping the team to an all time best of 5
th place nationally.

Other sports/activities I like-
I enjoy hiking, biking, as well as waterskiing.

Personal/ Fitness goals for 2015-
Have fun and ski lots.

Favorite ELITEAM dance move-
The Sprinkler!

Favorite “power” food/fuel-
Bacon, egg and cheese!

What I love most about ELITEAM-
Sand pits!

Advice to young athletes-
Work hard and good things will happen.

My “Motto” in life-
Go big or go home.

About Christian Rouleau

Advice to young athletes-
You get out what you put in. Never give up.

Most memorable ELITEAM moment-
River walk during Sufferfest in the pouring rain.

Nickname Years at ELITEAM: 9
As a camper- 7
As a counselor- 2
As a coach- First year!

Competitive Sports Background-
Highschool Varsity Soccer, Lacrosse, Ski Racing, Hockey

What have you learned from your sport?
No matter how athletic you are, mental strength is an athletes most important strength.

Other sports/activities you like-
Fishing, biking, swimming.

Coaching experience-
Coaching middle school soccer and lacrosse.

Personal fitness goals for 2015-
Make UVM Varsity Soccer Team.

When I'm not coaching at ELITEAM, I'm...
Playing soccer, hiking, fishing, skiing, working out.

Unusual talents?
I am the Batman.

Favorite ELITEAM dance move-
Pencil Sharpener.

Favorite "power" food/fuel-
Peanut butter and a banana.

What you love most about ELITEAM-
The food, specifically chicken patties.

Your motto in life-
The will to win is not nearly as important as the will to prepare to win.

About Ben Reetz

Most memorable ELITEAM moment-
Whenever I see a camper reach a goal, or overcome an obstacle that they didn’t think was possible. That is always something that sticks with me.

What I’ve learned from my sport-
The hard work you put in when no one is watching is what makes the biggest difference.


Currently a junior at the University of Vermont- majoring in Bio, minoring in Chem

7 Years @ ELITEAM-
Camper- 2
Counselor- 3
Coach- 2

Competitive sports background-
Varsity skiing and soccer

Other sports/activities I like-
Sweet single track mountain bike riding and powder days

Personal/ Fitness goals-
I’m trying to do something active everyday. Whether that be going to the gym, going on a ride, or playing pick up soccer. So far it’s been going splendidly.

When I’m not coaching at Eliteam, I’m…
During the school year I tend to be in school… probably a good thing, but during the summer I work at a bike and ski shop.

Unusual talents-
I used to be pretty good at the Chinese yoyo but I’ve taken an extended hiatus from it.

Favorite ELITEAM dance move-
The meat grinder.

Favorite “power” food/fuel-
My dad’s energy bars.

What I love most about ELITEAM-
The staff and the campers. You guys are the ones that make it so fun!

Advice to young athletes-

All of you can be widely successful in many ways including athletics. It all comes down to determination and putting in the time and extra effort.

My “Motto” in life-

Carpe Diem 


About Colby Jordan

What have you learned from your sport? Always make it fun. Resilience. Work Ethic.

Personal fitness goals for 2015- Core!

What I love most about ELITEAM- Testing your limits

Years at ELITEAM- 9
As a camper- 6
As a counselor- 3
As a coach- 2015 will be my first year as a coach!

Competitive Sports Background- Alpine Ski Racer and Soccer Player

Other sports/activities I like- General sports, hockey, volleyball, biking, sailing.

When I'm not coaching at ELITEAM, I'm... A student, launch driver at Lake Champlain Yacht Club and athlete.

Unusual talents? Hand whistling?

Favorite ELITEAM dance move- Meat Grinder

Favorite "power" food/fuel- All fruits

Most memorable ELITEAM moment- Winning the jello drop and getting forced to run the very last morning of camp because we got busted for staying up late.

Advice to young athletes- Never lose the fun in whatever it is you do.

Your motto in life- The greatest pleasure in life is doing what others say you cannot do.