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WC2- Friday: Awesome

Well, it seems Sufferfest caught up to us today. The hike up Sugarbush in beautiful weather was a struggle for some with sore muscles head to toe. However, we all made our goal of Allyn's Lodge with some campers making it all the way to the peak before enjoying a fun and relaxing ride down the chairlift.

The energy started to build at lunch for the annual Sandpit Slalom challenge. The course was a Dual this year, which added to the intensity and excitement. After two training runs, which proved difficult because of the under-gates at the bottom, the campers finally dialed it in when the racing started. Because of the dry weather, the sand was slippery and the dust was flying. Close races all afternoon provided great spectating! After the Pits, it was time to enjoy an ice cold popsicle and a dip in the pond.

After packing, cleaning and pizza dinner, we practiced the dance one more time with an added ending that is appropriate for this month. Then it got crazy with agility relays that quickly turned into chaos and fun. Our cores were sore from laughing at the incredible creativity, coordination (or lack thereof) and energy the kids put into each exercise. Our last activity was the Jello Drop and it took four rounds to finally find a winner. Finally, it was into the gym to present the campers with the official 2012 ELITEAM T-shirt. It is a ceremony and honor that only ELITEAMers experience.

This was a great week, which may explain why it flew by so quickly. See you all tomorrow at the ELITEAM Olympics which start at 10am.

What did you think of Sandpits today?
Sweet. The sandpits were awesome!- Josh
Very fun. I don’t think I’ve had more fun this week.- Sven
They were really fun and I like going against an opponent.- Alex
I ate it on the 4th gate.- Ben
It’s what I look forward to. That and the popsicle.- Amelia
It was really fun and you get better every run.- Tory
Really super duper fun!- Julia
It was a pretty gnarly course but it was fun. – Carly
They were so much fun!- Eliza

The key to having a good run in the Sandpits is…
Having quick feet and getting early on the gates.- Josh
Good balance and agility.- Sven
Staying focused on yourself and not the opponent.- Jack
To have good agility, leg strength and focus.- Patrick
Picture the course in your head beforehand and have quick feet.- Tory
Sharp turns, focus, no yard sales. – Julia
Having confidence and quick feet. Caroline R
To have a good line.- Carly
You have to have good timing and a high line. Then you have to go out and shred.- Izzy

It’s Friday and after a week of ELITEAM, my body feels…
Strong, sore, tired, but good at the same time.- Sven
Sore but getting used to the work.- Alex
Dead. It is so tiring, but will feel amazing after from all the strength that I gained.- Matt M
Stiff. All muscles are sore. –Jack
I feel much stronger than I did on Monday. – Patrick
Aching with exhaustion but stronger.- Amelia
Extremely sore. -Julia
Stronger than when I got here. –Caroline R
Great and Amazing, I wish it was longer. – Carly
Fit and great. I feel strong.- Siggy
Fantastic and strong.- Eliza
Tired, strong and achy.- Ali
I feel great. -Izzy

Awesome.- Sven
Good because it is fun to do the exercises. – Alex
The best thing I can do if you are a ski racer.- Matt M
Challenging and really fun!- Jack
A place for people to push themselves to their limits.- Patrick
The cream in my coffee and I LOVE coffee.- Amelia
Eliteam is awesome and inspires me to work hard.- Tory
Awesome! –Julia
Amazing!- Caroliine R.
Fun, athletic and difficult.- Ali
Fun and awesome.- Siggy
My favorite part of Summer!!- Eliza

2017 Dates


Europa Cup: July 5-8
World Cup 1: July 10-15
World Cup 2: July 17-22
GMVS Campus- Waitfield, VT

GPC 1: July 29- Aug. 1
GPC 2: Aug 3- 6
BMA Campus- East Burke, VT

Sorry, no PC camps in 2017.
We plan to return in 2018!

All 2017 camps are overnight.

Europa Cup- $775
World Cup- $1275
Girls Camps- $825