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WC2- Thurs: Sufferfest

Today everything was overshadowed by Sufferfest. We started with a fun, but hard circuit workout and also did our final rotation of cooking, climbing and Capture the Flag. However, all thoughts were on the impending afternoon event. To fuel up for Sufferfest we chowed down on Mac & Cheese for lunch. Coach Joe ate 3 full plates of it anticipating extra high fuel needs for the afternoon.

At 1:30, after an hour discussion about Sports Psychology, we headed out to the field with our rocks and water bottles. Our Sufferfest mission was: 100 Push-ups, 100 yard Rock Throw, 100 yard Sprint with our rocks, 880 yard run, 100 Burpees, 100 sit-ups, 100 Tuck Jumps, 100 Kikut Twists, 100 Rock presses, followed by a Mulch Bucket carry and 15 minute Rock Walk to the pond. It was HOT, it was INTENSE, but as a group, we CRUSHED it. The pond afterwards was the perfect ending… so refreshing!

For dinner, we dressed up in “All One Color”… we had oranges, reds, blues, pinks, purples, greens and yellow. Together, we looked like a rainbow. After dinner we treated ourselves to black bean brownies and frozen yogurt, followed by a Limbo contest and a movie. It's 9:01pm and my dorm of boys is sound asleep. At 9:11, I’ll be on the same program.

Random Quotes from Sufferfest:
I don't want to regret not suffering enough in the Suffertest.- Tom
If I can bend down past my knees tomorrow I'll be excited.- Zander
Only 90 more!- Ben
I think I'm going to need 100 Tums at the end of Sufferfest.- Coach Joe

What did you think of Sufferfest?
It was pretty fun! I thought it was challenging.- Alex
It was very intense and fun.- Seth
I thought it was really fun and definitely pushed me to my limits in the burpees.- Jack
I thought the name fit the challenge. The only difference was that it was fun.- Matt M.
I thought it was challenging but fun at the same time. Better than testing!- Scott
I thought it was a great workout and fun.- Charlie L.
Fun! – Chauncey

How much did you suffer?
I did not suffer. I am a burpee machine. – Ben
Not the worst, but I still sweated a lot.- Alex
A lot! The most I’ve ever suffered.- Seth
From 1-10, I suffered a good 6.- Scott
I had no idea that I was!- Chauncey

When you want to quit, how do you keep yourself going?
Everybody else was going, so I did too.- Ben
I motivate myself by keeping the same rhythm as my friends.- Alex
I was stayed positive to keep myself going.- Seth
I looked at all my friends and saw that they were tired but kept going and I followed them. –Jack
I knew it was helping me and that pushed.- Matt M
I knew it would make me stronger. –Scott
I just wanted to test myself and do the best I could.- Griffin

Doug Lewis is…
Awesome! –Alex
Very enthusiastic. – Matt M
Very energetic, always pumped and cool. –Charlie
A strong person.- Chauncey
Hardworking, crazy and fun.- Griffin
The coolest coach you could ever have!- Seth

2016 Dates

USSA's Center of Excellence
World Cup- DAY CAMP
June 20-24 (Mon-Fri)
8am-5pm daily
Ages 10-14
Cost $575

GMVS Campus- Waitfield, VT

Europa Cup 1: July 6-9
Europa Cup 2: July 20-23
Ages 8-11
Cost: $725

World Cup 1: July 11-16
World Cup 2: July 25-30
Ages 11-14
Cost: $1175

BMA Campus- East Burke, VT
August 5-7
Ages 11-14
Cost: $425

All VT camps are overnight.