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EC2- Saturday Olympics

Another beautiful day dawned on Saturday and the campers were amped to get going. But first, a full hour of scrubbing, wiping and washing lay ahead before the competition. Not the most normal pre-race routine, but necessary. Then on to the ELITEAM Olympics!

In case you missed it, events included an agility course, obstacle course, quick-feet slalom, the “Pain” & “Agony” sleds and Berg Und Tal. The campers were pushing it tight to the edge… some went over it, and we had some good crashes! But, just as the real Olympics bring out the best performances in the World, the ELITEAM Olympics bring out inspired performances from the campers… and that’s our goal- to inspire the athletes. It’s a beautiful sight!

On behalf of the staff, a big Thank You to the kids for giving 100% and pushing your limits. We sincerely hope to see every one of you back for another week next year.

“Let’s Do This!”


2016 Dates

World Cup** - DAY CAMP
June 20-24 (Mon-Fri)
Ages 11-14, 8am-5pm daily
Based out of USSA's COE

Europa Cup 1- July 6-9*
World Cup 1- July 11-16**
Europa Cup 2- July 20-23*
World Cup 2- July 25-30**

*Europa Cup= ages 8-11
**World Cup= ages 11-14

All VT camps are overnight.