Ski Club Programs

Junior Racing Dryland Clinics

In the Fall, ELITEAM travels to Ski Clubs for 1-2 day events to help a Team kick off their Fall training with a fun day of ski workouts, team building, education and motivation!

Lead by Olympian Doug Lewis, ELITEAM will provide a day of activities that include a variety of ski specific workouts to help improve each athletes balance, agility, coordination, strength and power. The athletes will work hard and have fun as they push their limits with a variety of both traditional and unique workouts!

ELITEAM strongly believes in developing "complete" athletes, so the day will also include a workshop on either Sports Physiology, Psychology or Nutrition. Lastly, Doug will end the day with a speech geared to athletes, parents and coaches, to share his experiences competing on the World Cup circuit, racing in the Olympics, along with his thoughts on Junior ski racing and what it takes to become one of the best athletes in the world.

PRICE - Price is determined by the size of the group, location and duration of event. ($1750+)

Dates: August-October


  • Prospect Hill Ski Team- MA
  • Holy Hill Ski Club- WI
  • Thunder Ridge Ski Club- NY
  • Quechee Ski Club- VT
  • Buffalo Ski Club- NY
  • Mt. Peter Ski Club- NY
  • Skylands Ski Club- NJ

2016 Dates

World Cup** - DAY CAMP
June 20-24 (Mon-Fri)
Ages 11-14, 8am-5pm daily
Based out of USSA's COE

Europa Cup 1- July 6-9*
World Cup 1- July 11-16**
Europa Cup 2- July 20-23*
World Cup 2- July 25-30**

*Europa Cup= ages 8-11
**World Cup= ages 11-14

All VT camps are overnight.