World Cup

World Cup Camps- athletes ages 11-14

ELITEAM's goal in the World Cup sessions is to educate young athletes about the importance of Sports Physiology, Sports Psychology, and Sports Nutrition. ELITEAM exposes the campers to a variety of mental and physical challenges, while teaching them the skills needed to overcome perceived limits, and realize the potential of both their body and mind.

ELITEAM teaches the athletes, not only how to workout, but more importantly, why. Their workouts will include both innovative and traditional training exercises to improve their strength, speed, power, balance and agility, and the athletes will learn how those exercises help them to perform better. They'll also learn proven techniques to handle stress, performance anxiety and fear, and then practice what they've learned in challenging and race-like situations. The campers will be in the kitchen baking healthy bread and muffins, as well as discussing nutritional analysis, and how it relates to performance in sports. In the daily meetings, ELITEAM will reinforce what the athletes have learned each day by studying the ELITEAM notebook. The campers will even have a chance to meet U.S. Ski Team athletes (in person or via Skype) and find out what it takes to be a World Class athlete.

In the World Cup programs, the kids will learn new skills that they can apply not only to their sport, but also to school, and life in general. The World Cup sessions are packed with learning, new experiences and tons of fun!

Most importantly, the learning does not stop at the end of the camp. The ELITEAM Notebook and Journal, which explains each concept and exercise, will be given to each athlete for her/his use and reference at home.

ELITEAM is returning to Park City, Utah!
We offered our first-ever World Cup camp in Park City last Summer. It exceeded our expectations, so we're excited to head back there again in 2014. For more info on the Park City location, click here.

WORLD CUP ACTIVITES: Ropes courses, rock wall climbing, sand pits, soccer, running, hiking, mountain biking, yoga & stretching, funky dance, obstacle courses, dryland slalom, water sprints, strength training, USST exercises, cooking, team sports. (Take a peek at our photo gallery and you'll get a good feel for what we do!)

Please Note: Mtn bikes are required for the World Cup sessions. Rentals are available locally. For more information about the mountain biking, click here to visit our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's) page.

2014 REGISTRATION: Registration opened on Thursday, February 6th @ 7pm EST.

2014 DATES:

Park City, UT-
World Cup: June 22-26
Cost: $1250

Waitsfield, VT-
World Cup 1: July 21-26
World Cup 2: July 28- Aug 2
Cost: $1125

(For ages 11-14:  Must be of required age by first day of camp.)

Cost includes instruction, training, housing, meals, and the ELITEAM Training Notebook.


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2014 Dates


World Cup: June 22-26
(ages 11-14)  $1250

Europa Cup: June 28- July 1
(ages 8-11)  $800

Europa Cup 1: July 9-12
Europa Cup 2: July 16-19
(ages 8-11)  $700

World Cup 1: July 21-26
World Cup 2: July 28-Aug 2
(ages 11-14)  $1125