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The Eliteam Camp Staff of Vermont

About Maddy Lewis

Nickname: Maddy Maddog

I love chasing the campers when they do Andrew's Crazy Relays!

Two weeks of Obedience training and 10 years at ELITEAM!

Skiing background:
I once followed my mom down the Nastar Course. I followed so close that I cut all my paws on her super sharp edges.

Other sports/ activities I like:
Chasing balls is my game. There may be faster dogs, but I am a ball strategist and take it very seriously. I also LOVE swimming!!!

Coaching Experience:
Still trying to pass my Level I.

Favorite ELITEAM moment-
I like to help wake up the campers at 6:30am. I jump on their bed and lick their face.

Favorite ELITEAM dance move:
The Sprinkler... I love water.

Unusual talent:
I am always the first one to find a muddy waterhole.

Personal Goals for this year:
More stretching and napping.