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The Eliteam Camp Staff of Vermont

About Sarah Wry

Sports have taught me everything I know in every aspect of life. Motivation and time management have probably been the biggest though!

Competitive Sports Background-
Played field hockey, lacrosse, and ski raced throughout high school, and continue now with Field Hockey at St. Lawrence University.

Years at ELITEAM: 8
As a camper- 5
As a counselor- 3
As a coach- 2015 is my first year as a coach!

Other sports/activities you like-
I tried to play ice hockey one time, and when I'm feeling ambitious I dabble in golf (never goes well). I'm really open for anything!

Coaching experience-
Coach U10's at GMVS ski club

When I'm not coaching at ELITEAM, I'm...
Spending time with friends and family, playing with my doggie, being active, or eating (everything healthy of course!).

Unusual talents?
I'm scary good at finding four leaf clovers.

Favorite "power" food/fuel-
Peanut Butter

What I love most about ELITEAM-
Getting to know all of the new kids as well as spending time with old friends.

Advice to young athletes-
Too many... If you make it to the top, remember what it was like to be at the bottom.