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The Eliteam Camp Staff of Vermont

About Sarah Ladouceur

What I love most about ELITEAM-
Definitely the people!

Advice to young athletes-
Always try one more time, no matter how tired you are.

Favorite “power” food/fuel-

Williams College '18

Years ELITEAM: 5
Camper- 1
Counselor- 2
Coach- 2

Competitive sports background-
National level figure skater for 12 years.  Varsity squash and lacrosse in high school. Collegiate Field Hockey player.

What have I’ve learned from my sport-
Anything is possible.

Other sports/activities I like-
Dance, photography, yoga, cooking, reading.

Personal/ Fitness goals for 2015-
Get my flexibility back!

When I’m not coaching at Eliteam, I’m…
College student. 

Unusual talents-
I can tie a cherry stem into a knot with my tongue.

Favorite ELITEAM dance move-
The sprinkler! 

Most memorable moment at camp-
The first time I got to the top of the Vertical Playpen.  I was so excited! 

My “Motto” in life-
Dig Deep :)