Girls Power Camp- ages 11-14

GIRLS POWER CAMP- ages 11-14


Strong Bodies. Powerful Minds.

The ELITEAM Girls Power Camp launched in 2016 and was a big success! We are excited to be entering our third year with this special program in Vermont and are thrilled to be adding a GPC session in Park City this summer too.

This camp is led by Kelley Lewis and an all-female ELITEAM staff. This program remains true to ELITEAM's commitment to Sports Physiology, Psychology and Nutrition. However, this camp features multiple daily workshops to teach skills aimed at helping these young girls navigate the challenges of their sport and daily lives with a feeling of confidence and empowerment.

The camps include "Power Hour" workshops designed to inspire personal growth and promote a positive mindset. Sample topics include self-awareness, stress management, women's nutrition, body image and the female athlete's body, support networks and positive mindset skills.

Ultimately, the goal is to provide a focused path forward in which the girls can more easily tap into their inner strength and confidence, and are inspired to push their limits with a strong body and powerful mind.

In 2017, seventy GPC athletes completed an exit questionnaire on the last day of camp. Results showed we are on to something special!
93% felt more CONFIDENT by the end of camp.
96% felt STRONGER by the end of camp.
100% felt they LEARNED NEW SKILLS that will help them be a better athlete.

Director Kelley Lewis explains how the Girls Power Camps came to life and what they're all about.
GPC Video 1
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GPC articles by Olympian Edith Thys on her RacereX Blog:

GPC Waitsfield: August 1-4
Green Mtn Valley School
Ages 11-14
Rate: $850
Overnight Camp
Drop-off: 1:30-2:30pm
Pick-up: Camp ends at noon (although parents will be invited to join us at 11am).

Feedback from ELITEAM parents:

I cannot thank you enough for this amazing three days. My daughter came back a changed person and is already practicing better nutrition and better communication.  I keep thinking to myself, “wow - not sure what they did, but they really had a positive influence on her.”  Thank you! Can't wait for next year.

My daughter has typically always looked at the glass half full. She has continually referenced ideas that she learned from the positive mindset workshop over the past few weeks. She has even pulled out her GPC notebook. I have also seen an interesting change for the better in not only better choices for food but also providing feedback to all of us in the family! This camp was terrific for her. She loved it and I have seen her referring to her booklet time and time again. I cannot thank you enough.

My daughter said she would definitely do this program again. I'm grateful that she has a healthy and happy place to build her knowledge and fortify her self-awareness and confidence.

First a huge thank you for the inspirational weekend you provided for my daughter. The Girls Power Camp Weekend went well beyond any expectations we might have had. I could tell from the gleam in my daughter’s eye that the weekend was an amazing experience (Yes that does include the 3:30 am hike). She spoke to us in detail about each workshop and activity. She was amazed at the different photos you had of the athletes and models. Being athletically built in comparison to her more very slim friends; it helped improve how she perceives herself. She also found the stress management work shop helpful; and more importantly that she is not the only one that feels the stress and anxiety sometimes. I asked what was the most important thing she got out of the weekend and her response was confidence. As a parent of young girl who can tend to lack confidence, I send you a huge THANK YOU!  We went thru the GPC Notebook you sent home and I learned how much what I think plays an important part in my daughters racing. This weekend resonated with her so much. Not only did you make a lasting impression, but your fellow coaches where amazing role models for these young girls. A huge thank you from a much appreciative parent.

My daughter had an amazing time and felt that the whole experience was super positive, helpful and most of all FUN!

My daughter loved the camp - especially the sunrise hike. She has made us overnight oats and has incorporated other camp learnings into her daily eating habits. I think my daughter was surprised with how much she enjoyed the ski training and working so hard. The coaches and campers created such a great learning atmosphere. She's looking forward to more ELITEAM camps in the future.

My daughter had an amazing time and can't wait for Eliteam next year.

I think my daughter got a great deal from the camp. She likes herself more and is proud of her athletic body, not ashamed anymore, so right there we have accomplished something major.

My daughter has struggled with her self-esteem over the last two years and ever since camp I have seen a transformation in her. She no longer looks at her body as fat but fit. She got the most out of your camp! It has been the most rewarding experience for her and me.  

It was awesome! My daughter wishes to go back NOW!

My daughter started to resist coming after we signed her up.  She avoids talking to us about these topics. The entire ride home she read us her binder and talked nonstop about things that were said to her - she talked about it being ok to not be ok, that thinking positive will make you feel positive, and she even showed the comparison between models and Lindsey Vonn and talked about pressure placed on girls to look a certain way. This was exactly what she needed - especially to be in a female environment when she lives in a home with so many males!  Thanks for an amazing weekend!

My daughter enjoyed the format and thought the balance between workshops and activities was good. This experience will definitely help her to be more confident and learn how to work to excel at the next level. She loved it and can't wait for next year. Congrats on a very successful first year and thanks for the opportunity for my daughter to participate.

Eliteam is a great experience for both boys and girls though I have to say that you seem to have really keyed into a camp experience that resonates with girls. My daughter liked the combination of physical challenges and intellectual stimulation (such as the 6 workshops), the presence of positive young women as coaches and role models with a range of athletic and academic backgrounds (all will a level of achievement), and how you created an atmosphere of camaraderie and bonding among the girls. This is not a complete list - just a few examples, by the way. We all hope GPC makes a return in 2017!

Thank you so much for putting together the ELITEAM Girls Power Camp. What an inspiring, motivational, educational and fun weekend for these girls. Having 2 teenage girls, these types of experiences are life changing. I can tell how much time, effort and passion you put into the camp.


  • Europa Cup
    These four-day camps are geared to the younger athlete where the focus is on introducing the basics of Sports Physiology, Sports Psychology, and Sports Nutrition.
  • World Cup
    At ELITEAM, our goal is to educate young athletes about the importance of Sports Physiology, Sports Psychology, and Sports Nutrition. We will expose the campers to new mental and physical challenges and give them the skills needed to overcome perceived limits, and to realize the potential of both their mind and body.
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2018 Camp Dates

ELITEAM Clinic: June 25-26
Lake Tahoe @ Sugar Bowl Academy
Ages: 11-14
Rate: $200

World Cup 1: July 9-14

World Cup 2: July 16-21
Waitsfield @ GMVS
Ages: 11-14
Rate: $1275

Europa Cup: July 25-28
Waitsfield @ GMVS
Ages: 8-11
Rate: $800

Girls Power Camp: August 1-4
Waitsfield @ GMVS
Ages: 11-14
Rate: $850