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Current Waiting Lists


Wait Lists:
When all openings have been filled, applicants' names are placed on separate Wait Lists for boys and girls, by session, in the order in which they are received. You can add your child’s name to a Wait List by submitting an "enrollment request" via the appropriate link in the side bar (new family or returning family). Although your credit card information will be taken (in anticipation of a future deposit) there is no fee to be on the Wait List.

Some common Wait List questions...

How often do you get cancellations?
Some years we get a lot of cancellations, other years none. The cancellations are random and happen for a variety of reasons- an injury, change in a family's schedule, etc.  We get cancellations anytime. They may happen two months out, or even two days before camp starts.

What are my chances of getting in?
Unfortunately, this is impossible for us to predict. Generally speaking, it's not necessarily how far down the list you are that determines your chances of getting in, but rather how long you can wait it out. The longer your child can remain on the wait list, the better his/her chances of getting in. When we get a late cancellation, we often find that parents have moved forward with other plans for their kids. At that point, we start working our way down the wait list to find the one child who is still available. That being said, if there is another camp that your child would like to attend, and there is a time crunch to sign up for that camp, then we suggest that you go ahead with those alternate plans, just to be safe.

When do you typically see movement on the Wait Lists?
There is generally a lot of movement on the Wait Lists in the first two weeks following registration. Some families realize they signed up for the wrong camp. Other kids cancel when they find out their buddy didn't get in. The next time we typically see movement is at the end of May. June 1st is the tuition payment deadline, so if parents need to cancel, they will often do so just before this deadline.

How will I be notified if a spot becomes available for my child?
If a spot becomes available for your child, you will be notified immediately via email (and often a follow-up call). At that point, you will have 24 hours to decide if you would like to take the available opening. If we don't hear back from you within the 24 hour time period, we'll assume you're no longer interested and move on to the next family.

How can I find out my child's position on the Wait List?
Contact Kelley Lewis directly to inquire:
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or 802-793-5055


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2018 Camp dates coming soon! They will be posted below by the end of November.

ELITEAM uses a Lottery system for registration, which will take place in January 2018.

For families with existing accounts.
Use the "Parent Dashboard" to update information in your account and/or submit an "enrollment request".

Create account and/or submit "enrollment request".

2017 Dates


Europa Cup: July 5-8
World Cup 1: July 10-15
World Cup 2: July 17-22
GMVS Campus- Waitfield, VT

GPC 1: July 29- Aug. 1
GPC 2: Aug 3- 6
BMA Campus- East Burke, VT

Sorry, no PC camps in 2017.
We plan to return in 2018!

All 2017 camps are overnight.

Europa Cup- $775
World Cup- $1275
Girls Camps- $825