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Since 1991, ELITEAM has been teaching kids about Sports Physiology, Sports Psychology and Sports Nutrition. But more importantly, it’s about having the kids discover their limits, and then try to push through them. Here is where you'll find our blog entries of daily activities, challenges, photos and fun in the height of the summer camp sessions.

It's the Struggle that makes you Strong

Coaches Corner: Tuesday Highlights

Hearing Christian atop the tangle while tango-ing with Gabe “this is magical” and later that day in regards to the leg routine “I’m so sore it hurts”
I loved walking in on Ellie, Grace, Gwyn and Emily Hawaiian dancing around their room with grass skirts and leis on.
Hearing Will exclaim “Doug racks up my Instagram feed!”.
I also heard Christian during the leg routine say “my calves are becoming rock hard” and Finn say “it wasn’t the hardest suffer of my life but it was definitely the best”.
I smiled when Madeline explained “I’m gonna have a six-pack when I go home. TRX rocks!” and found it empowering when Kyle and Connor grabbed medals to make lunges during TRX harder! Also, Jeffery made me laugh when he stated “i just did one and think I died a little inside” in regards to my TRX crunches.
Christian and Gabe cracked me up today when they said “Dan is part bunny and frog…He’s the best of both worlds”
Also, I loved hearing Conner, Kyle B, Ben D encourage their teammates by saying “keep on Berging” in unison.
Doug- I found it inspiring when Kyle B. stated “You just have to devote and jump. Devotion is the key”.
Molly proclaiming her biggest accomplishment at Eliteam “getting up the firecracker and the rest of the vertical playpen”
Morgan- I loved hearing from Jeffery when he explained that “the three most important things in life and strength, trust and pixie dust”
I laughed when Ben explained after his ropes course experience that “I was wondering why I was going so fast then I saw Morgan flying through the air”
It was awesome hearing all the funny team biathlon names for archery. Some include: deadeye, orange cone, beautiful brows, shrimp fried rice and elite arrows.
I loved it when Jeffery pronounced “Jéfe us now taller than everyone, whatcha gonna do about it now?” when he reached the top of the dangle duo.
I also found it inspirational when Lily helped Anna push her limits to climb at least halfway when she doubted she could even try in the first place.
Hearing Ben push his limits on the ropes course and say “ I am spider man!”


What was your favorite activity today and why?
Grace: My favorite activity was the ropes course and the Berg Und Thal. I got the record for the girls and it was awesome to see all that I had achieved today, especially after the ropes course.
Emily: My favorite activities were the obstacle course in the RPC, the TRX workout and the ropes courses. I liked them the best because they were a lot of fun.
Blake: I liked the obstacle course in the RPC, because it was really fun.
Addie: The agility course in the RPC was my favorite. It was super fast and super fun.
Mayson: My favorite activity was the ropes course because I worked hard and felt stronger in the end.
Ellie: The vertical playpen because it was challenging and I fought through the pain.
Gwynn: My favorite activity today was the ropes courses because I like to challenge myself to go high up and not be scared. I liked the leg workout because it was hard and I knew I was getting stronger!
Madelyn: My favorite activity was the ropes course because I got to push my limits in all of the activities while having a ton of fun.
Corriann: My favorite activity was the ropes course because it was nice to be in the cooler woods and to be doing elements that you know you can push through at and get to the top.
Maddie: Ropes course because I tried a lot of new things and felt different parts of my body hurt and ache that I haven’t done before.
Emma: I really liked the cargo net climbing station because I liked how it felt to come down.
Finn: Vertical play pen, I liked it because it was very hard but it was very fun.
Alice: All ropes courses especially the dangle duo and the vertical play pen because they were challenging and they took a while to complete.

Describe your “struggle moment” today.
Grace: The vertical playpen because I think it is very difficult physically.
Emily: When I was almost at the top of the vertical playpen and I felt like my arms were gonna fall off, but I just kept going and finished it!
Blake: Jumping off onto the punching bag in the ropes course.
Addie: Jumping off the launch pad in the ropes course. I pushed through it by not overthinking it.
Mayson: The Dangle-Duo, because I felt like I couldn’t get up to the next step.
Ellie: When I was waiting on the platform just before I jumped.
Gwynn: In the leg workout walking the planks up the hill was VERY hard for me, I almost couldn’t do it.
Madelyn: Crawling backwards in a plank position up hill!
Corriann: The leg routine because your legs were already sore and then we added onto it by doing more leg work.
Maddie: The TRX workout was really hard but I pushed through and got a lot stronger so I felt really good afterwards.
Emma: When doing the leg routine on the hill.
Finn: When I was doing the dangle duo and I couldn’t get up.
Alice: Climbing the fire cracker rope and the one leg cargo traverse.

What did you learn from your struggle moment?
Grace: I learned that if you push yourself to your limits you will be happy with what you have achieved.
Emily: That it makes you stronger and it can sometimes be fun!!:)
Blake: I just jumped further and I got it!
Addie: Don’t hesitate!
Mayson: That you can never give up and never say “I can’t”
Ellie: Don’t hesitate because it won’t be fun in the end.
Gwynn: To keep pushing myself.
Madelyn: That I can do it!
Corriann: I learned from my struggle moment that you just have to keep on pushing through because you will feel good after you’re done.
Maddie: That real pain is temporary and pays off in the end.
Emma: I learned to keep pushing and that even if you are in physical pain it will go away eventually.
Finn: That it’s okay to struggle as long as you keep trying.
Alice: Breathe. Slow and steady is the key. Don’t give up. Push your limits.

Rock Walk and Rubber Duckies

Note from Doug-
A great first day at WC1! After a pretty intense agility-name-game competition (Christian's group cheated and got busted), the entire camp split into five groups and hit the field for some fun and challenging team-building activities. Next all sat down to a big pasta meal to refuel for the evening session. During dinner, Coach Dan was walking around the Dining Hall trying to dole out brussels sprouts. They were a tough sell! Dan is now in charge of "all things green" in the kitchen. After dinner, we were outside running, jumping, skipping, shuffling and racing through the pole agility course and relays. We finished the day with a notebook and journal session before bed. They are now dreaming of ropes courses and leg routines, which happen tomorrow.


What activity did you like the best today and why?
Blake: Basketball, rubber ducky, fitlight and boxing because they were really fun.
Addie: Boxing and fitlight because they were hard but they were also fun.
Winter: I like the duck station because you were able to workout with your teammates and it was exciting trying to find them in order.
Molly: I really liked the duck station. I liked it because it was fun trying to find them blindfolded, with a guider. I also enjoyed it because it was exciting trying to find the duck with the right number.
Emily: The rock hike because it was challenging and we went into the woods.
Ava: Today I enjoyed the fitlight exercise because it was very fun!
Anna: My favorite activity was the fitlight because we got to run.
Mayson: Fitlight
Morgan: I liked the rubber duck activities. I liked it because it was really fun to try and find them blindfolded.
Peyton: The giant basketball, because it was fun and challenging.
Timothy: The activity which I liked most of all was probably the duck activity, because it allowed us to think about our surroundings.
Connor: The rock workout was by far the best. It was grueling and painful, but I felt the gain from the pain!
Jeffery: The Berg because I haven't been on it on a long time.
Kyle: Playing basketball because it was fun to strategize.
Owen: Pole agility because we had to trust ourselves to believe we can go through the poles without messing up.
Isak: The agility workout was my favorite because we did a lot of fun workouts and we did a really fun relay.

What was your most challenging moment, and how did you push through it?
Blake: The rock walk. The way I pushed through it was I just kept walking.
Addie: The rock workout, I got through it by taking it one squat at a time.
Winter: the most challenging moment at the rock walk was when I was walking up and down on the steep slick part. I pushed through it by digging deep and by keeping moving to the top.
Molly: My most challenging moment was during the Rock Walk. I pushed through it by digging deep and by steadily pushing myself.
Emily: The rock hike, and I knew that I was only getting closer to the top and that I could do it.
Ava: The most challenging part of today was the rock exercise. I pushed through it by thinking “if I drop this I have to do twenty five push-ups”
Anna: My most challenging moment was getting up the mountain with my rock so I just kept going and didn’t give up.
Mayson: My most challenging moment was holding up my rock up during the rock walk. I pushed through by saying to myself “I can’t give up. I have to be strong!”
Morgan: The rock hike was very challenging. I pushed through it by breathing steady and I kept going.
Peyton: The most challenging moment today was the rock walk. I pushed through it by thinking of the reward of being able to complete it.
Timothy: The most challenging moment was walking up the hill from the river with our rock because it was so heavy. I pushed through it be keeping on walking.
Connor: It was walking up the hill with my rock. My back was very sore and I wanted to give up but I persevered.
Jeffery: The poles and I pushed through it and took a rest in between.
Kyle: The rock climb because the ground was slippery.
Owen: The rock carrying. I had a rock that weighed like twenty pounds and I pushed through by digging deep.
Isak: The rock walk was very hard because the rock was very heavy, but I pushed through and ended it.

If you could tell your mom one thing right now, what would it be?
Addie: I love you an the fam and give my pony Simon a kiss for me because he’s an angel. I’m still happy about last weekend!
Blake: Tell Paco I say hi.
Winter: I would tell my mom that i’m having tons of fun and happy that i’m here.
Molly: I would tell my mom that I am having a lot of fun and am super happy that I am here!
Emily: I went up a slippery hill with a twelve pound rock.
Ava: Thank you so much for taking me here. I love and miss you <3 :)
Anna: Mom and Dad, thanks so much for bringing me here. I love you!
Mayson: I would tell her she would love all of these moves and that when I get home she will tell me to do all these exercises.
Morgan: I would tell my mom that I love her and I am having a good time.
Peyton: Sup?
Timothy: You know exactly what I’m thinking right now. Monday, July 11th.
Connor: Hi there…go to bed early so you aren’t tired. If you don’t you’ll feel it in the morning.
Jeffery: I’m fine go back to bed.
Kyle: I love you.
Owen: I am sore!
Isak: I really don’t miss you because I am having so much fun.


 COACHES CORNER – Thursday Highlights

- I loved seeing Ginger pushing her limits by doing 25 push ups blindfolded on the incline log.
Also, Tela gave me a great quote today: "I just did the verticals playpen blindfolded, I'm ready for anything"

- Shamus cracked me up today when he asked "wanna know how well I love slalom??”
It was awesome watching Noi taking 16 secs off his time in the indoor obstacle today.
I loved it when Reilly told me "I plan on winning this whole thing this year” after his second training run at the sandpit slalom.

Hearing Shamus exclaim, "I love this part!!!!" in regards to the leg routine we did today. He also happened to be wearing his dad’s 1997 Eliteam shirt today, which was rad.
Merrick on the SL after he was struggling; "I'm going to focus on something I saw in the red notebook: Remember what you did to finish”

- It was awesome watching Reilly "wrecking ball" into his buddy Paul on the Burma Bridge on the ropes course.
As Louie was hanging 40 feet over the river on the Burma bridge, he said, "this is so chill"

- Watching Will slip up a little on the Berg, pick himself back up and still CRUSH it and PR with a time of 13.03 was a highlight for me today.

- Shamus pushing his limits and setting a personal best in the agility course was so fun to see.

- My highlight from today was Reilly's quote on the launch pad. "I'm going to launch full force off this” as he then proceeded to grab the bag on his first try!


What did you think of Sandpits today? What is the key to having a good run?
Turner- It was fun. The key was to start your turn high.
Jack- Good. Quick feet on the sharp turns. Sprint on the flats.
Matthew W- The key is to stay high on the turns.
Will Chapin- Starting your turn high.
Jackson- staying focused.
Cate K- It was amazing! For me the key was don’t think negative and just go for it!
Molly- The sandpits were awesome!!!! The key is to have a high line and be fast.
Ava- I thought they were a great way to improve your skiing skills and push yourself every run to do better!
Jackie- I loved it. The key for me was to turn early.
Meredith- It was SO fun! The key is to be quick on the turns (and not to fall!)

Give 3 words to describe how the black bean brownies tasted.
Turner- delicious, sugary, tasty.
Ray- Chocolaty, can’t taste the beans, yummy
Jack- Ok. Good.
Will C- delicious, yummy, chocolaty
Jackson- Awesome, good, awesome
Cate K- Chewy, moist, beanyish
Molly- Tasty, delicious, awesome
Ava- interesting, ok, so-so
Jackie- delicious, chocolaty, beany

Turner- super fun.
Ray- Great!
Jack- Epic!!
Matthew- AWESOME
Will C- fun
Jackson- AWESOME!!
Cate K- Amazing! I totally want to come back again, and again, and again! It was awesome! I LOVE IT!
Molly- ELITEAM is cool!!!!
Ava- Wonderful!!!!
Jackie- awesome
Meredith- SOOOOOO fun! The struggle makes you STRONGER.

It's the Struggle that makes you Strong...


Zack: My highlight from today occurred when a group of about 10 campers were chanting "let's go Helen let's go" as she does incline log in the Eliteam Woods

Christian: It was great to see Shamus pushing his limits as he made it to the wire on Burma bridge. He was too scared to go up the ladder but he ended up pushing himself and climbing all the way to the top of the wire.
The best quote of the day occurred during distraction training: Dan: "what's a distraction?" Camper: “Ooh look that's a pretty flower"

Livy: Watching camper Paul carried Coach Lucy up the hill piggyback style and drop her halfway up during our leg routine was hilarious!

Julia: I loved watching Russell chase Coach Livy with a HUGE moth today. We have now officially named Russell “Park Ranger Russell” for his love of bugs and animals! 

Morgan: My highlight today was seeing Jackson flawlessly bunny hopping across the incline log on one foot!

Jess: Today on the slalom, one group all had personal bests by saying that they were going to improve on the last 3 gates before they went! It all seemed to get them in the zone and they were pushing each other to all improve their times! 

Lucy: My favorite moment from today occurred when three campers (Russell, Matt, and Silas) all asked to do more days of dish duty because they loved it so much. Today we asked the campers what their best and worst parts of the obstacle course and Noi replied "I had no worsts.” Confidence is key at Eliteam. 


What was your favorite activity today and why?

Jackie- Making the black bean brownies. (I got to lick the brownie mix.)

Cate- I liked the obstacle course, it excited and entertained me!

Ava- I love the obstacle course because it was challenging and fun. I pushed myself to do my best.

Cate H- I like the Bungee because it was fun using the bungee, and it helped you to become strong at the same time.

Karolina- Ropes course because we got to do different courses. Baking black bean brownies because I like to bake.

Ella- My favorite part of today was making black bean brownies. I love baking and even more when they are good for you.

Kate D- Vertical Play Pen because it was a challenge.

Grace- Making Black Bean Brownies because I learned a lot of different good foods.

Tela- I liked the bungee because it helps you get stronger and it was fun.

Tyler- Slalom because I was doing good and each time I did it better.

Noi- Slalom because it involves skiing.

Will D- Vertical play pen because it was hard and fun.

Shamus- The SL course because I used my dad’s technique.

Turner- Ropes course because I got to challenge myself and I had to get over fear.

Describe your “struggle moment” today (mentally or physically).

Jackie- Doing some of the ropes course stations.

Cate- Going through the tunnel in the obstacle course. I was too tall and had to crawl through slowly.

Ava- My struggle moment was doing the high hurdles in the indoor obstacle course.

Cate H- My struggle moment was the dance because some moves are confusing and hard to learn. Another struggle moment was when I fell in the woods obstacle because when I fell I had to restart that obstacle and wasted time.

Ella- Today we had to do these jumps up the hill and it really burned.

Kate D- The dance because it was hard to do all the moves.

Grace- Walking across the big log.

Tela- My struggle moment was when we did the dance. It was embarrassing.

Tyler- The bungee running because you’d get pulled every time you had slack.

Noi- Slalom because it’s hard for me.

Will D- It was hard to get onto the wiggly ladder on the vertical play pen.

Shamus- I pushed my limits on the ropes course.

Turner- Telling myself to jump off a diving board (but nothing below it)

What did you learn from your “struggle moment”?

Jackie- When you breathe you feel more confident and calm.

Cate- That sometimes it is good to be tall other times it is not! J

Ava- I learned from my struggle moment that even if it looks hard you should still try it.


Ella- That what really hurts, is really good for you. J

Kate D- I can keep practicing.

Grace- Just do it.

Tela- Don’t worry. It is ok.

Tyler- Some things are harder than you think.

Noi- Slalom is hard for me.

Will D- If it push hard I can do lots of things.

Shamus- To try to go above your fears.

Turner- I have to face my fear.

Non-Stop on Day 1


Day 1 at the Europa Cup was non-stop from 1:30 check-in to 9:00 lights out! We did lots of team-building activities, agility exercises, relay races and even had some notebook time reading advice from Olympic athletes describing how “the struggle makes you strong”. Tomorrow will be another big day - including high ropes, leg routines, slalom courses and the dance - to name just a few. My highlight today- watching Coach Dan inspire campers to eat broccoli at dinner!


What activity did you like the most and why?
Coach Jessica- Today I really enjoyed coaching the Nitro team building exercise because it was cool to see the kids work together and come up with a solution to get every kid to fit on one single block. The kids came up with some great solutions to work together and when their ideas failed, they were quick to improve and adjust their methods!

Coach Julia- I really enjoyed boxing with the campers. It was awesome to see them focusing on their CORE, especially when asked to bare down and utilize the stability and power that comes from their abs. I saw many smiles and laughs as they exchanged sweaty gloves, which was all a sign of the hard work they were putting in.

What was your most memorable moment with the campers today?
Coach Julia- The Relays. Even as we focused on our agility, the campers smiled, giggled and even stumbled their way through the finish.

Coach Jessica- The Agility Workout. I love watching the kids do the "gorilla walk" and "high knee butt-kicks". It's always great to see the campers laughing that hard while becoming better athletes.

Coach Zack- The Spider Web station. It was awesome to watch each group of campers, most who had just met one another, talk and work together to figure out a safe and efficient process to get everyone through. All groups got the chance to do it a third time while being timed and was great to watch the group effort and determination to get through mistake-free as quickly as possible.


What activity did you like the most and why?
Jackson- I liked the Fit Light the best because I liked laughing at when I couldn’t find the light.
Matt S - I liked doing the boxing with Doug because it was so fun and I got to do it with a new friend.
Merrick - The Nitro because it is in the woods which is my favorite place.
Curt - I liked the Spider Web because we were lifting people up together.
Will D - Pole Agility because it was crazy and fun.
Turner - Boxing because I like core and punching.
Counselor Alex - Today I liked the giant basketball. I was able to throw giant balls into and giant hoop without knocking any campers over.
Jackie- Spider Web.
Tela- I like the Nitro.
Campbell- I liked the Spider Web because it was good teamwork.

What was your most challenging moment and how did you push through it?
Jackson- It was the Nitro because it was frustrating when you all fall off. I pushed through it by knowing that it is for fun.
Matt S. - My most challenging moment was leaving you and I pushed through it by having positive thoughts.
Merrick - The pole agility. I did everything at least twice!
Curt - Relay races because I can barely skip!
Will D. - Getting everyone on the Nitro Island.
Counselor Alex - The hardest thing was doing a moving wall sit through the agility poles in the partner race. I had to squat down to match the height of the camper.
Jackie- Boxing because I was sweating so much.
Tela- The nitro. We were all falling off and we came up with a new strategy.
Campbell- Boxing because my arms got really tired.

If you could tell your Mom one thing right now, what would it be?
Matt S. - I love you and miss the whole family.
Merrick - I am having the best time of my life.
Curt - I miss you
Will D - I love you!
Turner - I’m having so much fun.
Counselor Alex - Mom, I forgot toothpaste.
Jackie- I’m having so much fun. Love you. Miss you. Bye.
Tela- The fit light.
Campbell- This is the best camp ever. Can I go next year? I miss you. I love you.

2018 Camp Dates

ELITEAM Clinic: June 25-26
Lake Tahoe @ Sugar Bowl Academy
Ages: 11-14
Rate: $200

World Cup 1: July 9-14

World Cup 2: July 16-21
Waitsfield @ GMVS
Ages: 11-14
Rate: $1275

Europa Cup: July 25-28
Waitsfield @ GMVS
Ages: 8-11
Rate: $800

Girls Power Camp: August 1-4
Waitsfield @ GMVS
Ages: 11-14
Rate: $850