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Since 1991, ELITEAM has been teaching kids about Sports Physiology, Sports Psychology and Sports Nutrition. But more importantly, it’s about having the kids discover their limits, and then try to push through them. Here is where you'll find our blog entries of daily activities, challenges, photos and fun in the height of the summer camp sessions.

EC2 Friday- Unlimited Awesome

What did you think of Sandpits today?
Sara: I think it was challenging but extremely fun! At the end my shoes were completely filled with sand, and I think at least half came from Doug putting it there.
Marion: It was hard but fun. it was hard because I fell into the sand.
Clara: It was fun, hard and sandy.
Alli: Challenging.
Alex: Awesome
Jack: It was awesome!
Will: Fun…unless you fall.
Joseph: Awesome, I really loved the Sandpits.
Ben M: I thought it was really awesome and fun.
Ian: Awesome.
Ben: Weary, tiring and exciting.
Cadish: Fun because it’s fun.

What advice would you give to people who are running the Sandpits for the very first time?
Sara: I would say take a good look at the course and go fast! If you fall down, get back up and try and do better next time. Also…practice, practice, practice!
Marion: Take small steps, but fast ones.
Clara: Don’t be afraid to go fast.
CC: Try and stay on the path.
Alli: Don’t fall of the ledge…
Alex: Don’t think about falling.
Jack: On turns chop your feet.
Will: You should lean into your turns.
Joseph: Don’t cut to the outside of your turns, cut to the inside.
Ben M: Be close to the gates and take a high line.
Ian: Go slow the first time and get a feel for the course.
Ben B: Don’t be afraid of the course or the steeples of the Sandpits.
Cadish: Try and try again.

What did you think of the Black Bean Brownies?
Sara: I think they tasted very similar to regular brownies, and I barely realized that they were healthy and I was getting all the nutrition I need!
Marion: They were different but GOOD.
Clara: Delicious
CC: Yummy
Alli: Great!
Alex: They were okay.
Jack: I thought they would be bad but they were good!
Will: I cannot even taste the black beans.
Joseph: Surprisingly good.
Ben M: I thought they were delicious and people should make them all the time.
Ian: Great.
Ben B: Good, they weren’t as bad as I expected.
Cadish: I think that they were very good.

Sara: Amazing, awesome and the best camp ever!
Marion: Awesome.
Clara: Awesome.
Alli: The best camp ever!!!! :))
Alex: is unbelievable.
Jack: Awesome.
Will: Exhausting.
Joseph: Amazing.
Ben B: Unlimited.
Cadish: Awesome.


Jess: In reference to his cooking partner Henry, Cooper said, “I have the best stirrer I could ever ask for”
I loved watching Doug put coconut oil all over Kelley’s face as a moisturizer.
Doug asked the campers today during our nutrition talk “What does protein build?” and Aiden replied “CHARACTER!”

Lucy: I laughed at the Bungee station when Henry said to me “I pump irons that are thirty five pounds… I should be fine”.
I was inspired when coach Conor told the camper on the bungee that, “Sometimes you have to go backwards to go forwards.”

Tasha: My highlights of the day...
When Alli said, “If it doesn’t challenge you, it doesn’t change you.”
I loved when Chloe creamed all the boys in the obstacle course.
When Henry said to his partner Cooper in the obstacle course “Cooper we are a great team because you are amazingly good!”
Excitement was at an all time high when the campers watched the counselors run the obstacle course.

Zack: Henry followed all his partners on the obstacle to cheer them on at each element!

Doug: I loved hearing Ben H tell me that “I was so sore I had to roll out of bed instead of sit up or use my legs” and Ben B. say that “Even the muscle that blinks my eye is sore”. Aiden chimed in by telling us “I have soreness on my soreness”
Also, loved it at dish duty when Logan said, “I would do the dishes a lot more if I had a sprayer like this at home!”

EC2 Thursday- Awesome, scary, tough.


List three words that describe your day?
Gigi: Ropes course, obstacle course, slalom, BurgUndThal, TacoThursday, FUN!
Willa: Fun, strong, challenging.
Ava: Hard, fun, challenging.
Talise: Awesome, fun, amazing.
Alli: Awesome, scary, tough.
Chloe: High ropes, fun, exciting.
Kate: Amazing, tired, breathtaking.
Elsa: Ropes, slalom, fun.
Carly: Fun, hard, hot.
Dante: Awesome, tiring, challenging.
Cooper: Awesome, hard, different.
Ian: BergUndThal, ropes course, slalom.
Logan: Hard, fun, okay.
Cadish:Fun, hot, height.
James:Fun, great, exciting.
Finn: Awesome, sweaty, fun.
Matthew: Fun, cool, awesome.

Describe your “struggle moment” today (mentally or physically).
Gigi: I struggled pulling myself up the tire for the vertical Playpen and the Tango.
Willa: Falling on the slalom course.
Ava: I thought it was really hard when we did the vertical playground.
Talise:The leg routine.
Alli: I got really scared during the Tango.
Chloe: I struggled during the one leg part of the Cargo.
Kate: In the middle of the vertical playpen I felt like giving up but I pushed forward.
Elsa: BergUndThal.
Carly: The leg routine.
Dante: When we did the struggle bus.
Cooper: It was hard and scared.
Ian: On the vertical challenge trying to transition to the ladder.
Logan: It was hard during the struggle bus.
Will S: The trampolines on the obstacle course, because I kept falling.
Cadish: Pushing myself to climb the last ladder.
James: I didn’t think I could squeeze the chicken in the obstacle course but I did.
Finn: Crawling up the hill backwards during the leg routine.
Matthew: In the obstacle course.

What did you learn from your “struggle moment”?
Gigi: If you keep pushing you will get there.
Willa: I can live through everything.
Ava: To try harder.
Talise:It makes you stronger.
Alli: Don’t move the blocks too far.
Chloe: If you keep going, you will get there.
Kate: To keep going no matter what.
Elsa: To just keep working.
Carly: To keep going.
Dante: To push through it.
Cooper: I learned that I just have to push through it sometimes.
Ian: Push until you can’t go anymore.
Logan: To try and think a different way.
Will S: To try and aim for the middle of the trampoline.
Cadish: That I can do it!
James: Never give up.
Finn: Not to crawl backwards up a hill…
Matthew: You can do things that are hard.

COACHES CORNER- Thursday Highlights...

Doug: My highlight for today was when Ava was beating her chest and yelling before running off the launching pad.
Also, I loved hearing teammates tell Willa just to "hug it out" when jumping for the punching bag.
Ethan explained to me that “on the Vertical Playpen don’t look at what you have achieved, look at what you can achieve”
Dan: I laughed when I said “Time for the pain cave” and Henry replied “I think you mean pan cakes”
Conor: Chloe doing the cargo net with one leg/ankle tied to her harness.
Also, Alex and Ben both did the cargo net with only one hand.
Jess: I loved hearing Marion explain that “I definitely had a drop of sweat roll down my cheek on that last one”
Also, Gigi “I’m having fun but that last one was really hard”
I loved hearing Aiden explain that “practice doesn’t make perfect, only practice makes perfect”
I was inspired by Logan improving his indoor obstacle course time by twenty seconds.  a theory: if you think you’re going to die during a workout, you won’t. But if you think it will be easy, you will die.”
Lucy: I loved watching Chloe start the Vertical Playpen by climbing blindfolded.
Also, James really pushed his limits on the Vertical Playpen. When he came down after reaching the chicken at the top, he had a huge smile on his face and said “wow I didn’t think I could do that”
Aleks said to me this afternoon that “I own the leap of faith! When I jumped, I got all of the fear out of me”
Zack: My highlight was when Will and Oliver both completed the Tango, both blindfolded.
Tasha: Zane and James asked Parker today “could you photo shop dresses on us” after he had taken photos of them on the Tango.
Rachel: I loved hearing Ben and Zanes conversation, Ben stated that “I like the slalom better it’s more fun then the Berg” and Zane responded with “Lemme show you how fun it is!!!! I’m gonna do this whole thing with a smile on my face”.
Lauren: Ian says the trick to slalom is to finish your turn at the gate and look ahead!
Also, I loved hearing Talise explain that “you can’t give up on the uphill part of the slalom” and Sonja explain that “just because you didn't win doesn't mean you didn’t ski your best and get a PR!”

EC2 Wednesday- I don’t miss you right now….because I am having so much fun.

COACHES CORNER- Highlights for Wednesday...
I loved hearing Ethan sing I came in like a wrecking ball on the Nitro.
Also, Zane explaining that “I think the key to success is doing a penguin huddle to hold onto everyone”
Henry told me that he wanted to get a fake ID so he could be old enough for Eliteam last year…he was only seven.
I also loved hearing my relay line sing “stayin in line, stayin in line, uh, uh,uh”
Rachel: Finn exclaimed to Teddy that “I bet you $500 that I know more about Greek mythology than you do”
Zack: A group at the Spider Web activity today made a table for Carly to crawl across, from one side to the other.
Doug: I loved hearing Aiden today say that “Boxing is: hard, fun, tough, tiring and a great thing to do after a stressful day”
Conor: I laughed when James explained in boxing that “these are my its of fury”

What activity did you like the best today and why?
Sara: I really loved Nitro! I liked that we all had to work as a team to get everyone on the boxes!
Meredith: FitLight
Sonja: Boxing and meeting new people.
Tailse: Spider web, because we had a record of thirty one seconds.
Carly:  I liked boxing the best because it’s something new.
Aleks: Morning stretch.
Ben M: My favorite was the agility and the box jumps. I liked the agility because it took a lot of balance and strength.
Ben B: Nitro because it was fun to try and fit on the box.
Zane: The relays because it tested agility and we got to do funny skits in between.
Jack: The relay races because we got to do funny skits.
Flynn: FitLight
Dante: The relays because it pushed me to my limits.
Oliver: Nitro because It never missed the bucket.
Jackson: Spider web because w head to figure out a way to put people through it.

What was your most challenging moment, and how did you push through it?
Sara: The spider web was the most challenging because we had to lift our teammates through the web!
Meredith: Obstacle
Sonja: FitLight, I pushed through it by not thinking about it.
Tailse: Putting water in our cups in the woods activity.
Carly: Pouring water into the bucket and swinging on the rope.
Aleks: My most challenging moment was running backwards.
Ben M: My most challenging moment was when we did the four person pole jumping during field agility. I pushed through it by staying next to and keeping up with people around me.
Ben B: The burpees in the morning.
Zane: I kept hitting the Spider Web but I continued and figured out that hugging the tree helps :))
Jack: Boxing, I pushed through it by listening to what Doug said about how it’s the struggle that makes you better.
Flynn: Pole agility I pushed through it by going slower and using more control.
Dante: The stretches.
Oliver: Agility because it was hard to face the sun and still move quickly.
Jackson: The turbo because we had to try to not knock anyone out of it.

If you could tell your mom one thing right now, what would it be?
Sara: I am having such a great time and don’t worry about me i’m fine! Love you Mom! <3
Meredith: Hi
Sonja: I’m having lots of fun!
Tailse: I am having fun.
Aleks: I miss you. I had a really fun day.
Ben M: This.Camp.Is.So.Much.Fun.Again!!!
Ben B: I’m glad my friends are here.
Zane: This is so awesome.
Jack: I don’t miss you right now….because I am having so much fun.
Flynn: Best year out of all of them.
Dante: Thanks for always supporting me! Love You <3
Oliver: Thanks for sending me. I will miss you and I am having lots of fun.
Jackson: The food is delicious.

Supa Fun!


I laughed when I heard Will at morning run ask “have you seen any bears….not including Zack?”
Lucy: During Sufferfest Jabes added a push-up to the inch worm stretch and said “this is what savages do”
Also, girls in New Dorm were exchanging phone numbers/insta accounts with each other and were talking about how much they’re going to miss each other and how much they don’t want to leave ELITEAM :(
Morgan: I was inspired when Christian told me during Sufferfest that “i’ve never sweat this much before”
Jess: I loved watching Alice beat all the fourteen year old boys in the hill sprints…girl power.
Also, I was inspired by Pippa's enthusiasm for an activity in Sufferfest she said, “I love the river walk! I wish we could do it again”
Devon: My team insisted on doing some river burpees and push-ups before walking back down the river during the river walk challenge!
Tasha: At first some of the girls in my group didn’t want to get wet. So they tried to opt out of the river pushups, but in the end Finn, Lily, Mayson and Anna said “oh well”, hopped down, and did them anyways.
Julia: I walked in on my entire dorm fake crying because they didn’t want camp to end.


What was the best part of Sufferfest…and what was the toughest part?
James: The best part was finishing the 100 rock squats because I felt like it was hard but productive. The toughest part was the last set of burpees. I was feeling the tickle.
Peyton: Best part…the end! Toughest part…burpees.
Lily: The best part of Sufferfest was the Russian twists with the rocks. The toughest part was the push-ups.
Pippa: The best part of Sufferfest was the river walk and the toughest part was the 100 burpees.
Ellie K: The best part was the sandpit sprint up the hill and the hardest part was the burpees.
Aiden: The best part of Sufferfest was the hill sprints and the worst part was the rock squats.
Cal: I liked the river walk and the hardest part was the burpees.
Maddie: The best part was doing it with everyone and the worst part was the push-ups.
Gabe: The best part of the Sufferfest was the river walk and the toughest part was the burpees and rock exercises.
Alice: The best part was the hill sprints and the worst part was the planks.
Sara: I thought the best part was when we did the rock squats because it wasn’t too hard but it had a fun struggle element to it when you did it 100 times. The toughest part was when we did 100 pushups because I struggle with those.
Ella: The best part of Sufferfest was knowing that everyone else was suffering with me. The toughest part was getting through all of it.
Addie: The best part was the hill sprints and squats and the worst part was the push-ups.
Gwynn: The best part of Sufferfest was the box jumps and the worst part was the rocks.
Grace: The best part was the box jumps and the worst part was the burpees.

What did you think of the Sandpits today? What advice would you give to people who are running Sandpits for the very first time?
Jabes: Sandpits were dope as usual, I would recommend keeping your intensity up throughout the course.
Peyton: Sandpits was a lot of fun. If you're doing Sandpits for the very first time just go all out and it will be fun.
Lily: Sandpits were awesome! I loved the course. I would tell people who are doing it for the first time to be early for the turns and put power into them!
Pippa: I thought the sandpits were very fun because it was fun to do it with my friends. Advice I would give to someone for their very first time is to just have fun!
Ellie K: They were fun!!) I would tell them to be careful on the turns when you are going fast.
Aiden: The sandpits were awesome and advice I would give is to always be quick on your feet.
Cal: I liked the sandpits and I would tell people to be early on the turns.
Maddie: It was my first sandpits and I’d probably say just go for it because it doesn't hurt if you fall!
Alice: I live for Sandpits! I would tell them to go for the high line and at the flats to sprint it out!
Sara: My advice would be to have quick feet and to go all out on the speed aspect because the times in the end are very close.
Ella: The sandpits are challenging but fun. My advice for the first timers would be to forget being cautious and to just go for it!
Addie: Sandpits were awesome and my advice would be to wear your worst sneakers.
Gwynn: They were fun, I would tell them to start slow and get to know the course.
Grace: Sandpits were fun. I would tell people to keep a high line around the gates.

Jabes: a workout for the body and mind.
Peyton: gnarly mannnnn.
Lily: an awesome camp that taught me a lot such as: eating right, staying in shape, handling emotions and sports psychology.
Pippa: the best camp I have even been to and I hope I can come back!
Ellie K: awesome, fun and you’ll want to do it all over again until you grow too old.
Aiden: a great place for young athletes to come and make gains!
Maddie: Supa fun!
Gabe: awesome.
Alice: the best part of my summer.
Sara: a fun and struggle full camp where you can learn your limits and them push them down!
Ella: a camp where many people come to struggle and have the most fun out of their summer.
Addie: a place where you can build confidence, strength and push the limits where you though they could never be pushed.

Fun. Challenging. Packed.


Coach Lucy: When all the boys were amazed by Ben’s triple jump of 27"7 in regards to our testing this morning.
Also,  watching Kyle 1 and Kyle 2 holding Christian back from running to the second cone in the bungee slalom.
Coach Tasha: When Raymond jumped more than 24" on his first try on the vertical jump.
Also, I heard Will explain that “I think there is a horse in my tummy after that hill run”
Coach Devon: When Graham took a tumble. When asked if he was okay and if he ate some grass responded, “yes to both”
Coach Doug: Hearing Sara say after adding yogurt to her Banana Bread “this does not look very pretty”
Coach Jess: I smiled when Emily S. explained that “I had never heard of Chia seeds or Flax seeds until today”
Coach Kelley: Overheard Counselor Jake- "Hey, good news Teddy. Our room is not 82 degrees anymore, it's 80."


List three words that describe your day.
Ava: Fun, challenging and packed.
Blake: Fun, hot and rainy.
Winter: Active, Hawaiian and rainy.
Ella: Challenging, sore and rainy.
Sara: Struggle, rainy and entertaining.
Anna: Fun, challenging and exciting.
Mayson: Exhausted, strong and proud.
Emily: Fun, extreme and awesome
Christian: Ton of fun, tiring and exhilarating.
Max: Struggle, fun and tough.
Cole: Fun, struggle and awesome!
Aiden: Awesome, hilarious and challenging.
Thomas: Rainy/Thurderstormy, dirty and fast!
Cal: Fun, hard and painful.
Ben: Awesome, rainy and fun.
James: Circuits, banana and ripcord.
Gabe: Fun, hard and tiring.

Which training activity did you like the best today? How did it help you become a better athlete?
Ava: I liked the vertical jump, this will make me a better athlete because I will get off the swim blocks faster and be able to go further.
Blake: My favorite activity today was the slalom course. It helped me become a better athlete by helping deal with distractions.
Winter: I liked the bungee activity because it helped me visualize what it would’ve been like being in a ski racing course in windy and tough conditions.
Ella: I liked the fitness testing box jumps the best because I realize that’s an activity I really like because it’s a great leg workout.
Sara: I liked the bungee activity. I liked it because although it was a struggle, it was a lot of fun and it trains your legs to resist weight and makes them stronger and faster!
Anna: My favorite activity was the bungee run because it made me work hard, dig deep and not give up.
Mayson: I liked the bungee run because it gave us a great leg workout. In the end, it made me a stronger athlete.
Emily B.: The obstacle course was my favorite and I became a better athlete because it was so hard.
Christian: Distractions: It helped me focus my attention on the course.
Max: Fitness test because I learned my weak points.
Cole: I liked the obstacle course the most and it helps you with agility.
Aiden: The bungees because it helped you to get through and push through.
Thomas: I liked the obstacle course the best because climbing the dirt was tiring and I had to push through.
Cal: I liked the distraction slalom because it really teaches you how to deal with distractions.
Ben: The obstacle course because it helped my footwork.
Jabes: I liked the circuits because they tested a lot of different muscles in the body and gave me new ideas for future workouts.
Gabe: I liked the bungee because it was a little bit of agility and strength.

Adventure Hike- The tickle turned into a pinch


Coach Devon: My highlight today was hearing Max explain that “everyone thinks this is suffering, but honestly I think this is a lot of fun”
Also, we had some awesome archery teams today: cactus evergreen, terrific targets, eagle eyes, yellow jackets and spud
Coach Tasha: I loved hearing the boys in my hiking group sing The Climb by Miley Cyrus.
Also, I laughed when Ben exclaimed “I’m tiny let me ride the whole way up” regarding the slosh pipe suffer throne.
Coach Morgan: I was inspired when Franky pushed her limits and carried the throne of struggle every time.
Coach Jess: Hearing Aiden say that “the tickle is turning into more of a pinch” and Finn later in the hike exclaim that “I didn’t know how high Sugarbush was until we hiked it!”
Coach Doug: Watching Zach introduce Devon into the pond by “escorting” (throwing) her in.


What did you think of the adventure hike today?
Emily: I thought it was  very hot and tiring but when you got to the top it was worth it.
Alyssa: I thought it was fun but also a struggle.
Maddie: Challenging but interesting in a good way.
Alice: Tiring.
Corriann: A good workout
Casey: It was both fun and challenging.
Ellie: I thought it was hard but fun!
Pippa: I thought the adventure hike was fun but challenging at the same time.
Lily: Definitely challenging, especially the hard core hike. But the challenges made it very fun and I ended up forgetting about the struggle.
Will: I definitely liked the hike today because it made me dig deep and push to the top.
Connor: I thought it was very painful and difficult. I had to really push myself.
Max: It was awesome! The struggle was tough but the reward was better.
Charlie: It was intense.
Teddy: It made me suffer, therefore made me stronger. Also it was a LONG hike.
Owen: It was a challenge that helped bring your confidence up.
Ben R: It was great except for the part where my feet really hurt because I was pushing my limits!
Graham: It was challenging but worth it after reaching the top.
Gavin: It was a challenge but it was totally worth it.

What was your favorite part of the adventure hike?
Emily: The chairlift on the way down was awesome and had a great view.
Alyssa: My favorite part was sitting on the slosh pipes.
Maddie: Getting a “shower”
Alice: Getting carried on the slosh pipes.
Corriann: The challenges.
Casey: My favorite part was when I was lifted off the ground while sitting on the slosh pipes.
Ellie: When I got carried on the slosh pipe and board. Now that…..was FUN!
Pippa: My favorite part of the adventure hike was going back down on the chairlift.
Lily: I loved being at the top after the hardcore hike.
Will: Probably running down from the top to the chair lift, down Jesters.
Connor: It was the steep part of the hike because it was so grueling and fun.
Max: The view from the top because it was so rewarding to look down.
Charlie: Dumping the slosh pipes and reaching the top!
Teddy: Getting to the bottom.
Owen: The chair lift down!
Ben R: The food and the ride down. The view was great.
Graham: Reaching the top.
Gavin: Getting carried on the platform we built.

What make you laugh today, during the hike?
Emily: When we were lifting each other up on the slosh pipes.
Alyssa: When we lifted Morgan.
Maddie: The team songs and team names.
Casey: When we all carried Morgan on the slosh pipes.
Ellie: When a water bottle hit me in the stomach. hehe :)
Pippa: I laughed when Tasha started singing songs.
Lily: What made me laugh was our team name “lamadama ticklet”
Will: Throwing water balloons at Dan, Christian and Zach at the lodge. I also laughed during the water ballon toss, when they hit the ground and didn’t pop.
Connor: When Jéfe was in our pledge.
Max: Being on the carrier.
Charlie: When Doug said we were going up Organ Grinder…then I realized he wasn’t kidding.
Teddy: Jake from state farm.
Owen: Our team name WebeTaco.
Ben R: Ben G. getting soaked by the slosh pipe.
Graham: Being carried up.
Gavin: Being carried up.

What was the hardest part of the adventure hike and what helped you get through the struggle?
Madelyn: The hardest part was the second part of the hike because I thought we were going to be done after we ate lunch. I got through the struggle by thinking about how nice it would feel to take the chair lift down
Mayson: I struggled when carrying the slosh pipes and during the second part of the hike. Remembering that I was always getting closer to the top helped me get through the struggle.
Winter: The second part of the hike was the hardest because my legs were burning. I remembered the feeling in my legs when I rested while taking water breaks and knew that as soon as I got to the top my legs would feel like that again.
Emily M.: The most difficult parts of the hike for me were the beginning and end because they were both really steep. During the homestretch I just kept telling myself that we were almost there and that helped me get through the struggle.
Addie: Hiking up Organ Grinder (the second part of the hike) was when I struggled the most. I remembered to keep breathing and just took one step at a time.

2018 Camp Dates

Girls Power Camp: June 12-15 
Park City @ USST Center of Excellence
Ages: 11-14
Rate: $600

ELITEAM Clinic: June 25-26
Lake Tahoe @ Sugar Bowl Academy
Ages: 11-14
Rate: $200

World Cup 1: July 9-14

World Cup 2: July 16-21
Waitsfield @ GMVS
Ages: 11-14
Rate: $1275

Europa Cup: July 25-28
Waitsfield @ GMVS
Ages: 8-11
Rate: $800

Girls Power Camp: August 1-4
Waitsfield @ GMVS
Ages: 11-14
Rate: $850