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Since 1991, ELITEAM has been teaching kids about Sports Physiology, Sports Psychology and Sports Nutrition. But more importantly, it’s about having the kids discover their limits, and then try to push through them. Here is where you'll find our blog entries of daily activities, challenges, photos and fun in the height of the summer camp sessions.


Welcome to ELITEAM 2017!

Our first of FIVE camps start on Wednesday July 5th at the Green Mountain Valley School. We end on Sunday, Aug 6th with our final day of the Girls Power Camps held up at Burke Mtn Academy. This Summer we will train, inspire and educate over 200 young committed athletes.

Our theme this year is MAKE IT COUNT! So many athletes just “go through the motions” during training and never really progress. Not at ELITEAM. We will learn how a little planning and a focused mental state can help you improve from EVERY run or practice. Check the blog daily during camp for a quick report on the highlights of the day and a few photos of the campers. This year, we will be posting the majority of the photos following the last day of each camp.

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WC2 Fri- The best camp in the WORLD!!


What did you think of sandpits?
Monty: It was really fun…but some turns were tricky.
Cooper: Fun as ever!! The sandpits never get old.
Tyler: I thought they were amazing.
Harry: A very fun, competitive and all around amazing experience. I really felt like I as on a mountain.
Evan: It was fun!!
Eli: It was the best part of camp.
Drew: It was fun, but hard.
Jackson: I think that sandpits were really fun because you get to see how you line up against your friends.
Timothy: I thought the sandpits were really challenging but fun at the same time.

What advice would you give to people who are running Sandpits for the very first time?
Monty: Get high and get early!
Cooper: try your hardest! Stay high on the gates!
Tyler: To just fun as fast as you can even if you are tired.
Harry: to act like its a real ski-race and to take it serious but have a lot of fun.
Evan: Be quick and be fast.
Eli: Have fun.
Drew: Keep your balance, go hard because its only 20/30 seconds of your life…
Cody W: Watch others who are good on the training runs and practice their technique.
Jackson: Jump into every turn don;t just run through them.
Timothy: I would tell them to stay calm and have fun and just go for it!

Eliteam is…
Monty: The best camp in the WORLD!!
Cooper: A great camp for everyone…hard or not I always have fun.
Tyler: The best sleep away camp I have ever been to.
Harry: Fun, athletic, hard experience that everyone can do and experience.
Evan: Hard.
Eli: The best.
Drew: Amazing.
Cody W: a nonstop athletic but extremely fun camp.
Jackson: A very effective muscle building camp but also a really good time.
Timothy: a fun yet challenging camp that made me push my limits.


Tasha- Poppy explained to me after her sandpit run "I think I just got a speeding ticket"
Jess- When I asked what Poppy was going to focus on she responded "being like Jimmy"
- Eli later asked me what to do if a squirrel ran onto the course while he was racing and then he followed up by saying "never mind...I did that distraction training"
- During cooking Shea sneezed with "Ah-Chia" and later stirred his banana bread mix while explaining "this is how Rachel Ray does it"
Doug- I challenged Maddie G to take a spoonful of puréed Black beans and she replied "no but I will eat a spoonful of chocolate chips"
Molly- Grant "I always race with eye yes closed anyways"

WC2 Thurs- I wanted to suffer faster

What was the best part of SUFFERFEST?
Logan - Probably the Planks, River walk, Hill sprints, Box jumps, Tuck Jumps or the Push-ups.
Natan - 100 Tuck jumps because everyone was cheering everyone on.
Jackson - Knowing that in the long run I would be a stronger and better skier.
Cody C. - The River walk, Duck race, swimming.
Evan - The River walk was the best.
Timmy - The best part was the River walk.
"River walk." ~Riley B
"Knowing I was getting stronger." ~ Madeline C.
"My favorite parts were the river walk, rock sprints, and hill sprints." ~ Avery
"Hill sprints." ~ Ava K
"River walk." ~ Donatella

What was the toughest part of SUFFERFEST?
Logan - The, um, waiting part. I wanted to suffer faster.
Natan - Doing the Burpees.
Jackson - The toughest was the 100 Tuck Jumps.
Cody C - Burpees were tough.
Evan - Burpees were super tough.
Timmy - Tuck Jumps.
"Planks or pushups." ~ Donatella
"Planks." ~ Ava K
"The toughest part was the 100 burpies." ~ Avery
"The planks." ~ Madeline C.
"Tuck jumps." ~ Riley B

How did today’s training help you become a better athlete?
Logan - It made me suffer so I built muscle.
Natan - The training mentally made me mentally better at pushing myself to the fullest.
Jackson - Physically I have worked muscles that otherwise I would not usually work.
Cody C. - Conditioning for skiing.
Evan - It made me stronger.
Timmy - It taught me how to push myself over the limits.
"Mentally it taught me to keep pushing harder because in the long run it will make you stronger and faster." ~ Riley B
"It taught me to push my limits and try harder on the field and slopes." ~ Madeline C.
"It showed me that I have to push myself and motivate myself to get through hard situations." ~ Avery
"It made me become stronger." ~ Ava K
"Made me stronger." ~ Donatella

COACHES CORNER- Thurs highlights:
Jessica- At Sufferfest when Mardi said, "I'm going to love my bed tonight."

WC2 Wed- Sweat, struggle and stronger.


List 3 Words to describe the Adventure Hike:
"Hard rewarding fun." ~Harper
"Strenuous, motivational (because I wanted to go faster to get to the top), and strengthening." ~ Erin
"Struggle. Accomplished. Fun." ~ Caroline
"Exciting, tiring, and hot." ~ Sophia
"Challenging, fun, and hot." ~ Sylvie
"Sweat, struggle, and stronger." ~ Maddie
"Extremely hot, rocky, and long." ~ Mardi
"Fun, challenging, motivating." ~ Lindsay
"Painful, tough, funish." ~ Donatella
"Hard, challenging, exciting." ~ Sienna
"Fun, challenging, limit pushing." ~ Peyton
"Hard, fun, exciting." ~ Avery
"Hard, fun, adventurous." ~ Lindsay

What was your favorite part of the adventure hike?
"Making it to the summit, I felt proud of myself for making it that far." ~ Avery
"Making it to the top." ~ Peyton
"The Organ Grinder was so steep. The steepest I've ever hiked, but it pushed my limits and it was good fun!" ~ Sienna
"Having other people carry me on a thing-a-ma-jig." ~ Mardi
"When I got carried, and the chairlift." ~ Donatella
"From Allyen's to the top." ~ Lindsay
"Going down the chairlift." ~ Maddie
"Climbing up Organ Grinder to the top." ~ Sylvie
"Getting to the top and seeing the view." ~ Sophia
"Carrying and getting carried on the platform." ~ Caroline
"My favorite part was getting carried on the board, walking (made me stronger), and getting to the top because it showed my hard work." ~ Erin
"My favorite part was making it up Organ Grinder!" ~ Harper
"My favorite part of the hike was the feeling I had when I got to the top." ~ Lindsay

What made you laugh today?
"What made me laugh was being carried on the throne!" ~ Harper
"When we ran down the hill there was these bumps to stop you, I kept running into them. Also, I almost fell down hiking down." ~ Erin
"Coming down the lift with some friends and they were sharing funny things that happened with their group." ~ Caroline
"When my friend and I almost fell running down the mountain." ~ Sophia
"When we had to carry people on the slosh pipes." ~ Sylvie
"Running down super fast." ~ Maddie
"Calling my friend granny." ~ Lindsay
"My friends." ~ Donatella
"Funny comments." ~ Mardi
"When we tried to sing!!! :-)" ~ Sienna
"When we carried Doug on the carrier and he started to stand up and surf." ~ Peyton
"Being carried on the throne. It was really fun not having to walk too!" ~ Avery
"When Carly was forced to get a divorce." ~ Lindsay

SIDE NOTE: "Dad, make a lot of Lemon poundcake for the POUNDCAKE Dorm, please!!" ~ Mardi

COACHES CORNER... Wed highlights:
Julia: Only a few steps into the hike Harry said, “I already need a funeral for my quads”
Jimmy: Eli said, “This morning, when I got out of bed, I couldn’t get out of bed”
Jess: I loved it when my team and Jimmy’s team asked for 100 foot paces rather than 50 foot paces atop the throne of struggle…because they thought it was too easy.
- I laughed when I saw Cooper doing bicep curls with the bucket, he later said, “If you’re going to work out, you might as well work out hard”
- Natan after finishing our struggle-filled but awesome hike, “We climbed the distance of Everest today”
- Referring to the steep hike today, Hunter said, “My thighs just fell off”.
Devon: On Organ Grinder my group came to the consensus that “We’re gonna make it. We’re gonna struggle. But we’re gonna get to the top!”

WC2 Tues- The struggle is worth it


What was your favorite activity today and why?
Colter: I liked soccer the most because it included everyone. Everyone was playing all the time.
Calvin: Ropes course because I liked climbing.
Cooper: The obstacle course. It was SUPER fun.
Tyler: All of the ropes course, was very challenging and fun.
Luke: The vertical play pen because it challenged me but I still did it.
Birken: Ropes course.
Harry: The ropes course was my favorite because I could really push my limits and it was a lot of fun. I was sad I couldn’t do them all.
Shea: Slalom, because I got to hit the gates.
Maddie: The ladder in the Vertical Playpen because I got all the way up blindfolded.
Alli: I liked the leg routine because even though it was hard I know that it will make me stronger.
Poppy: The launch pad, because it pushed me out of my comfort zone. I have trouble jumping off high things sometimes. But today I committed and did it six times and twice blindfolded.
Sophia: My favorite was in the ropes on the vertical play pen because I had to work and believe in myself.
Emma: Ropes course, because it really pushed me to my limits.

Describe your “struggle moment” today .
Colter: Today climbing up the rope on the vertical playpen. It tore at my arms but I made it.
Calvin: The leg workouts were tiring because we did the ropes course earlier.
Cooper: The dangle duo (not mentally but physically) challenging.
Tyler: I had a struggle moment on the tango because one of my arms were tired.
Luke: I struggled when I did the cargo net because it was high up and I wasn’t good at it.
Birken: Trying to hug the boxing bag off the jump.
Harry: My struggle moment was hanging onto the punching bad off the launching pad.
Shea: My struggle moment was the tango because I was blindfolded.
Maddie: My “struggle moment” was on the Vertical PlayPen. I got to the top of the “V” and had to pull myself up, but this was after climbing the entire course below it.
Alli: The backwards tuck walks because they hurt.
Poppy: My struggle moment today was the cargo net, I had one foot in the net and the other on the orange rope. I had to dig deep in the end because I got stuck.
Sophia: When I was at the top pf the launch pad because I was very afraid.
Emma: Today on the last part of the Dangle Duo, my partner Avery and I pushed each other to reach the top.

What did you learn from your “struggle moment”?
Colter: I learned to persevere, then I will probably make it.
Calvin: That I can push through any struggle.
Cooper: To go 200%, not just 100%.
Tyler: That even though it was hard I could still do it.
Luke: That you can push your limits a lot and it makes you feel good.
Birken: Anything is possible :))!!
Harry: That if I really push my limits I feel good after.
Shea: You need to be calm.
Maddie: I learned that overcoming struggles feels really good.
Alli: That you need to push through even if it’s tough.
Poppy: I learned to stay positive and take a deep breath and that its okay to have a struggle moment.
Sophia: I learned that you have to believe in yourself and push yourself.
Emma: That the struggle is worth it.

COACHES CORNER- Tues highlights:
Jess: In response to the burpees during leg routine, Cody said, “that looks fun.". Also...
- Jackson during the same exercise, “I’m already in agony and I’m not even halfway up the hill."
- It was awesome to see Case carrying Coach Jimmy all the way up the agility hill on his back!
- At the TRX workout, Ian said, “Looks like I found what I am going to do on a rainy day”
- Timmy told me “Eliteam is like boot camp…I love it though and I’m definitely coming back next year”
- Quinn during TRX said, “That killed me but now I love TRX’s”
- When Logan said “My favorite part of today was the pain cave for the leg routine. I loved the one where we walked in planks backwards”
Devon: Colter and Win got a little hungry at the top of the Dangle Duo and pulled out some Luna bars for a quick snack!
Zack: Colter did the launch pad blindfolded and legs tied together and still explained to us “it is hard to see”
Tasha: Win and Harper on the Tango were superstars. Win hopped one legged and Harper helped by pushing the blocks.
Also, Poppy and Donatella told me “We are ambitious…wait what does that word mean?!”
Cody “Oh FMS, this is the best kind of testing…I am so ready”
Conor: Maya was super scared before the cargo net, after she came down she finished it with a huge smile on her face and said “that was so much fun”
Molly: Grant called down from the top of the Vertical Playpen and said “I’m just hanging out guys!!”

WC2 Mon- Taste the Rainbow


What activity did you like best today and why?
Luci: The rocks because it was challenging.
Sienna: I liked lifting up the rocks and throwing them even though they were 14lbs. We also jogged with them. It was really hard. I also liked the boxing because it built up my upper body.
Libby: Basketball.
Mardi: I liked basketball because you could knock down other balls with yours.
Ellie: I like the duck activity the best.
Peyton: I liked the rocks because I liked doing workouts using my legs and arms.
Logan:I liked the FitLight because even though I am shorter than some of the other athletes I still got a good score.
Natan: Boxing, because it was a sport that i’ve never experienced before.
Cody: Slalom, because its very fun.
Cooper: Boxing, I got to take anger out, ha ha ha!
Will: I liked the stretching.
Shea: Boxing, because I have never done it before.
Evan: Slalom was the most fun.
Eli: Slalom-so much fun.

What was your most challenging moment, and how did you push through it?
Luci: The lights but I pushed through it.
Sienna: The most challenging moment was jogging with the rock. But then I pushed through it so it was okay.
Libby: Being hit by a rubber ducky…I hit it back.
Mardi: It was the rocks, my wrist started to hurt so I took a lot of breaks.
Ellie: I didn’t have a challenging morning.
Peyton: The fitlight because I am not a fast runner. I gave it all I had and pushed through it.
Logan: When I did the rock throw and run my legs gave out and I felt tired, but I still pushed through it.
Natan: Going through all the poles at a fast tempo I pushed through it by believing in myself.
Cody: Repetitive push ups- I just dug deep.
Cooper: Boxing, it was hard and a good workout!
Will: Doing the rock throwing, I struggled but I didn’t give up. I found a rhythm and followed it.
Shea: Rock lunges…I worked hard.
Evan: Rock squats were the most challenging.
Eli: Rock run—by pushing through it.

If you could tell your mom one thing right now, what would it be?
Luci: Hi Mom.
Sienna: This is hard!!!
Libby: Hi Moms
Mardi: Hi.
Ellie: I hope you had fun in Stowe, I love you!
Peyton: Hi Mom, Eliteam is the best!!!
Logan: With Geico you an save 15% or more on car insurance. I love you and feel Rusty for me. I am doing great! P.S. take my phone with you when you run.
Natan: I am having the BEST TIME.
Cody: I had brussel sprouts…eww!!!
Cooper: I am having a great time.
Will: Hi!
Shea: Havin’ fun
Evan: I had brussel sprouts.
Eli: I had brussel sprouts.

COACHES CORNER- Monday highlights
Tasha: Natan at the rock exercises said to me, “Taste the rainbow and feel the reverse tickle” in response to reverse rock lunges!
Doug: I laughed when Hunter explained to me that you have to, “Keep your eye on your ball as well as your other eye on the Storm Ball”
In reference to Dan walking around the dining hall handing out brussels sprouts at dinner... “Dan, Dan the Brussels Sprout Man!”
During relays, when I told the kids that if you have a bad leg, you can to the hops on your good leg, Sam shouted, “What if you have two bad legs?!”
Jess: When Will said, “Both my cheeks hurt so much from the butt-kicks relay... my cheeks from smiling so much and my butt from all the butt-kicks!"

2018 Camp Dates

ELITEAM Clinic: June 25-26
Lake Tahoe @ Sugar Bowl Academy
Ages: 11-14
Rate: $200

World Cup 1: July 9-14

World Cup 2: July 16-21
Waitsfield @ GMVS
Ages: 11-14
Rate: $1275

Europa Cup: July 25-28
Waitsfield @ GMVS
Ages: 8-11
Rate: $800

Girls Power Camp: August 1-4
Waitsfield @ GMVS
Ages: 11-14
Rate: $850