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Since 1991, ELITEAM has been teaching kids about Sports Physiology, Sports Psychology and Sports Nutrition. But more importantly, it’s about having the kids discover their limits, and then try to push through them. Here is where you'll find our blog entries of daily activities, challenges, photos and fun in the height of the summer camp sessions.

WC1 Tuesday

Today at ELITEAM we... were grateful the rainy forecast brightened up allowing us to hit the ropes courses! Half the group conquered the ropes in the morning while the other half were treated to an ultra leg-burning workout on the field and in the gym. We switched in the afternoon and finished our day off with some acro-yoga. In between there were puppy sightings, fun, fear, challenges, wipe-outs, blindfolds, water balloons, smiles, new friends and messy tacos.




What was your favorite activity today and why?

Ellie S: I liked all of the activities today, especially the duck duck goose/ telephone game. 

Casey: The Tango because it was fun trying to carry a water balloon to the other side and throw it into the bucket.

Ashley: The ropes course. I liked it the most because it was fun and I became closer with people I didn’t know so well before. 

Lily K: I loved the vertical playpen because I got up the fastest I ever had and I was able to squeeze the chicken at the top!

Quinn: The ropes courses because they were a challenge!

Courtland: The launch pad because it was fun to fly through the air and have a very defined goal.

Will: The ropes courses because you can set a defined goal and once you accomplish it  you can take it further and set another.

Reilly: The ropes courses, because they were so thrilling.

Lawton: The ropes course because it was active, fun and challenged my fears.

Jabes: My favorite activity was the leg routine. But I also really liked the ropes course.


What was your most challenging moment in the ropes course?

Ellie S: The Dangle Duo because Maya and I had to work together a lot due to being so short, so we had to rely on one another. 

Casey: Making it to last section of the dangle duo.

Ashley: Definitely climbing the rope on the vertical playpen. Once I finished, I still had a long way up so I became very tired.

Lily K: Doing the Tango ropes course blindfolded.

Quinn: The Vertical Playpen.

Courtland: The top of the Vertical Playpen was very hard!

Will: Getting one foot tied behind me on the Dangle Duo. 

Reilly: The 7th bar on the Dangle Duo.

Lawton: Probably the vertical playpen because it was very taxing.

Jabes: Sitting in the beam with no hand holds as my partner used me to climb up. 


Which ropes course element was the most fun?

Ellie S: The Tango. 

Casey: The launch pad was the coolest element. It was cool trying to catch the water balloons too. 

Ashley: The vertical playpen. I loved going so high up and squeezing the chicken.

Lily K: The launchpad was my favorite because I caught the water balloon in the air.

Quinn: The diving board!

Courtland: The launchpad!

Will: The Vertical Playpen.

Reilly: ALL OF THEM!

Lawton: The launchpad because it was super fun.

Jabes: I liked the Vertical Playpen the best.


How did you “make it count” today? 

Ellie S: By not giving up during the balance activity, even after falling several times. 

Casey: I made up the vertical playpen for the first time.

Ashley: By trying the Burg Und Thal a bunch! I kept doing it and I got a lot more comfortable with it, which was awesome. 

Lily K: By setting goals and accomplishing them in the ropes and making sure I did the exercises to the best of my ability. 

Quinn: I accomplished the Tango, even though I was scared.

Courtland: Today I tried to make it count by using everything I had and pushing it to the limit.

Will: No matter how much I wanted to quit I kept going.

Reilly: I made it count by working my hardest. 

Lawton: I really pushed through pain, fatigue and fear. 

Jabes: I tried to make the most of all the stuff we could do!

WC1 Monday: Core de France

Today at ELITEAM we... started the week off with a pledge to “Make It Count” and proceeded to do just that with a 150 tire obstacle that definitely got the campers’ hearts thumping and the legs burning. Our afternoon focus was on Strength, Core, Agility, Cardio and Mobility - the five elements of sports physiology at ELITEAM. That included carrying rocks, a few hundred more tires, a 20 minute core routine and a flexibility test. Nothing like jumping right into it full steam! After a huge dinner of spaghetti and meatballs with lots of roasted brussels sprouts, it was back to the field for more agility work. Craziness ensued at the relays and the laughter on the field was loud enough to drown out the drone flying overhead. A special shout out today... Happy Birthday to Connor & Coach Livy!!!


 Livy and Connor Birthday



Memorable Moments...

Coach Zack: When Madelyn exclaimed “My rock's name is Sherri because she’s a soccer rock”. 

Coach Molly: I loved seeing the double meaning the campers took on our theme "Make it count". They were literally counting the exercises/movements and also taking the meaning and purpose of the theme and bringing it to life. 

Coach Sami: When the campers ran through the muddy tires with only one shoe and one sock, but kept going!
Coach Jake: I laughed when Jabes said during the core circuit that “this is the Core de France”.

Coach Conor: When all the campers seemed to be faster than me in the tires… it inspired me to work a little harder and up my game. 
Coach Kelley: Watching the campers beat the coaches in the tire competition.
Coach Doug: Coach Conor's shoes were white and bright, but no match for the campers fast feet today!



What activity did you like best today and why?

Cole: I liked the stretching because it felt good.

Thomas: Stretching because it got muscles loose, that I haven't stretched in a while.

Luke: The tires because it required agility, which is something I’m working on.

Max: I liked the strength with Zack, because I can do it at home. Rocks are everywhere.

Connor: The tires because they made it into a race!

Teddy: The rocks station because we got to choose the difficulty.

Sophia: The high knee butt kicks in the relays.

Lindsay: The relays!

Annie: Mind games, because we had to work together. 

Clara: The activity that I liked best today was the relays, because I enjoy dynamic exercises like that. 

Calabria: I liked the core station because although core can be hard I enjoy doing it. Its a great feeling when you power through a hard exercise.



What was your most challenging moment, and how did you push through it?

Cole: My most challenging moment was going up the hill with a rock, I pushed through it by just believing I could. 

Thomas: Most challenging moment was the rock climb because I kept slipping and it was hard.

Luke: The core station, because it was really really hard, I made through the struggle by working hard. 

Max: Stretching because I was so tight, but I just struggled through.

Connor: The flexibility station was really hard, but I pushed through it by digging deep.

Teddy: My most challenging moment was the stretching, and I pushed through it with Doug’s motivation!

Sophia: Walking up the hill with the rock. I pushed through by not trying to focus on the pain. 

Lindsay: The rock walk. I pushed through when I saw the top and just told myself to keep going. 

Annie: My most challenging moment was the rock lifting. I pushed through by just thinking of finishing it. 

Clara: My most challenging moment was the end of the tires and I pushed through it by digging deep. 

Calabria: My most challenging moment was on the last round on the tires, because I was so tired and my legs were burning. I powered through by making sure I had correct form and reminded myself I was close to the finish.


If you could tell your mom one thing right now, what would it be?

Cole: That ELITEAM is very fun.

Thomas: That I am having fun!

Luke: That camp is awesome!

Max: ELITEAM is awesome!

Connor: The tires are fun.

Teddy: I got some sick pictures. 

Sophia: That camp is super fun already.

Lindsay: I forgot my laundry bag. 

Annie: I Miss YOU!

Clara: I’m having fun. 

Calabria: I would tell her thank you for bringing me today and helping me pack and for putting up with my music in the car. Love you mom.

EC Sat- And the skies cleared, yet again

The rainy skies cleared just in time (as they have for the past 26 years!) allowing us to host the "ELITEAM Olympics" outside. We finished up our first camp of 2017 with exciting and heated competitions in the GMVS gym, woods and field. I was especially amazed at the amount of support and cheering from both the parents and campers. With such an enthusiastic crowd, you could see the athletes raise their game and really go for it!

We hope you heard many stories about camp on your way home, although some parents reported their kids fell asleep before they even left the Valley!

We'd like to give a big shout out to our staff... Thank you all for working so hard to make ELITEAM such a great experience for so many kids. And extra kudos to our counselors Teddy, Corriann, Abi and Ned for who volunteered their time, excited to "give back" to a new generation of ELITEAMers. Well done!

Thanks to all the campers for staying focused, digging deep and having fun this week! We hope to see you next summer too.

In the meantime...


EC Friday: A little too much peanut butter...

Today at Eliteam we… started the day with a morning run & stretch to get our muscles warmed up for the last big day at ELITEAM! At breakfast, we fueled up with yummy french toast, VT maple syrup from Kelley & Doug's backyard and fresh berries! The morning workouts were filled with another round of ropes courses and agility work. After lunch we sampled our ELITEAM Energy Bites for the first time. They turned out to be quite the hit! Next we loaded up the bus and headed off to the sandpits where we took a total of three practice runs and two race runs, putting our agility and speed to the test! Just as we ended, the rain came so we headed back to the dorms to clean up and pack. After dinner we finished our last rotation of rock wall and field games, which included a very intense game of dodgeball! The last part of our busy day entailed running through the dance again, crazy relays and the infamous jello drop. After 6 rounds of heavy competition, Henry and Coach Zack emerged as the Jello victors!



Memorable Moments-

Coach Zack: When Matt said “I don’t have good balance but I’m going to make it count.” 

Coach Conor: I laughed this afternoon when Kate D said that once she gets home she’ll be able to plank for seven straight minutes because of how hard she is working her core at camp!

Coach Molly: I loved seeing campers charge up the hills during the leg routine!

Coach Livy: I thought it was awesome when Logan M. exclaimed “THIS IS EPIC” atop the slalom course.

Coach Julia: I loved seeing all the campers be really positive and psyched up to run through the slalom course.
Coach Kelley: When Cade walked into Doug's room at 5:54am and asked, "Is Teddy up? Can we go run some tires?" We told him to go stack cups instead.



Camper Quotes-

What was your favorite part about the sandpits?

Mackenzie G: I really liked the quick turns. 

Brielle: My favorite part about the sandpits was the competition all while having fun.

Sonja: I liked the fact that they took the top 5, and I liked the fact that the start was uphill.

Natalie: I liked that it was steep and hard, so we had to dig deep.

Kristina: My favorite part was cheering all my friends on. 

Counselor Abbi: Watching kids pushing their limits, diving across the finish and MAKING IT COUNT! 

Sofia: I liked going around the sharp turns and almost jumping into them.

Anna: My favorite part was trying to keep your balance all while trying to go fast.

Noelle: My favorite part was when you were falling down, and being able to get back up and try to do better.


Name one thing you learned today?

Izzi: I learned how to run in better form today. 

Natalie: I learned how to do better tuck jumps and push myself during the leg workout.

Noelle: I learned that some things may be challenging but you should keep trying,


How did you “make it count” today?

Izzy: That I was brave enough to do the rock wall today, even though I was scared. 

Mackenzie G: I made it count by pushing myself in all the activities. 

Sonja: I made it count by getting into the top five during the sandpit slalom. 

Anna: I made it count by pushing my limits and trying not to fall in the sandpits!

Noelle: I made it count by pushing myself really hard and trying to go faster each time. 

Kristina: I made it count when I fell at the sandpits and decided to get right back up and finish it. 


How were the energy bites that we made?

Natalie: Amazing!

Sonja: Awesome!!!

Mackenzie G: Good :))

Kate D: Not my favorite…but healthy.

Mere: They were good, and tasted really healthy!

Anna: They were good!! I think we put too much peanut butter in though! 

Kristina: The best in the world!

EC Thursday: Everything is Awesome

Today at Eliteam we…  started the day with a speedy morning run and stretch. After we got the blood flowing we fueled up with fresh fruit, eggs and pancakes (there was not a single pancake left behind). The rest of the morning was spent crushing agility and ropes courses, where the campers were able to push themselves, be competitive and MAKE IT COUNT! They challenged themselves on things called; the Vertical Playpen, the Burma Bridge, and the Berg Und Thal. After lunch, campers put on their disco dancing shoes to start prep for the Eliteam dance, and put their cooking skills to the test while making energy bites packed with antioxidants, fiber and healthy fats. 5:30pm marked both a staff favorite and dish duty headache...Taco Thursday. Following dinner, campers used their last bit of energy on games of wall ball, sleds, tires and dodgeball. After yoga and a quick notebook meeting, lights out! 


Coaches Corner- Memorable Moments...

Coach Zack: When Micah completed the incline log, walked it backwards and finished it with the meat grinder— all while blindfolded. Also, Sonja was the first to finish the incline log backwards, with three jumping jacks and the meat grinder as well! 

Coach Tasha: When Levi exclaimed “Look I can do yoga poses on the Burma Bridge!”... then went on to do a tree pose! Later in the day I laughed when campers taunted “Can’t touch this” as they avoided the distraction balls in the quick feet slalom course!

Coach Conor: When Campbell said “Oh my goodness my legs need lemonade, we should get some lemonade”. 

Coach Devon: In the ropes course this morning when I heard Natalie say to Anna (when she was blindfolded) “don’t worry I’ll keep you safe”. 

Coach Livy: When Micah proudly stated “ I finished the vertical playpen even though my pinkie is broken, I pulled the chicken and everything”. Also, later in the day when I asked Natalie “What was your favorite ropes course?” and she replied “everything”. Then I asked, “What was your favorite activity in general today?” ...and again she replied “Everything!”
Coach Doug: At the ropes course, overhearing Cade tell his partner Levi, "Just breathe and look up. The ground is not very interesting."
Coach Kelley: While on dish duty, Mark spontaneously declared, "Everything is awesome here!"



What was your favorite activity today and why?

Molly: My favorite activity was the Berg Und Thal because it helped me work on my agility and it was a competition — and I love competitions!

Mackenzie G: Obstacle course, because it was fun, fast and competitive!

Sofia: The rock wall, because it was something different, and new. It helped me with my balance and strength. 

Lillian: I liked the Slalom course, because I like Slalom the best when I ski!

Maggie: I liked the obstacle course because if we finished under a minute we could give a coach five pushups. So it was fun trying to finish in under a minute. 

Meredith: My favorite activity today was the slalom course because it was fun and challenging. 

Kate L: My favorite activity today was the cooking because I love learning about nutrition to stay healthy!!

Kristina: The slalom course was my favorite because I learned to stay focused during different kinds of situations and distractions. 

Madison: My favorite activity today was the obstacle course because there were very creative obstacles and it was challenging. Also I got to give a counselor five push ups. 

Brielle: The cooking portion, because I got to learn about healthy foods and which kids of foods I should be eating.


Name one thing you learned today?

Molly: I did not know that Chia seeds were one of the worlds most nutritious foods!

Makenzie G.: I learned about the nutrition behind a lot of ingredients today!

Sofia: I learned of new ways to make regular food healthy for you. 

Lillian: I learned that dark chocolate is better for you than milk chocolate. 

Maggie: I learned one of the most nutritious foods on the planet is chia seeds. 

Meredith: I learned that the chia seeds are some of the healthiest food in the world. 

Kate L: Today I learned that chia seeds are some of the healthiest foods in the world!

Kristina: I learned how to pace myself correctly when I do the obstacle course.

Madison: Today, I learned that Chia seeds were the healthiest foods you can eat, and that pure dark chocolate helps ward of cancer.

Brielle: I learned about different types of Nutrients. 



How did you “make it count” today?

Maggie: I pushed my limits and went on the Burma Bridge without falling even though I was shaking. 

Meredith: I made it count on the obstacle course and during the hill exercises. 

Kate L: I made it count this morning on the hill exercises. Especially when we did the backwards walking tuck and the slowest person won. I made it count even though my legs were burning, I went as slow as possible because I knew it would make me stronger!!

Kristina: I made it count when I did backwards tuck jumps up the hill. 

Madison: I “made it count” by working my hardest throughout out the day. 

Brielle: I tried my hardest on everything I did today!

EC Wed- Fast and Fun on Day 1

Today at ELITEAM...
We pledged to MAKE IT COUNT, to push ourselves, and to have fun! After orientation and exactly one hundred high knees tires, campers made their way to the RPC Gym for some intense "name games", followed by group rotations through the slalom course, the numbers game, the rock walk, and more tires! After refueling with a big dinner of spaghetti and meatballs, we finished the day with pole agility and crazy relays... trying desperately to tire them all out!


Coach Molly: I loved when Logan R. came running around the corner of the quick feet slalom and high fived the tree! It was awesome.
Coach Tasha: I loved when all the girls in Poundcake immediately banded up in one big group and took a tour of the dorm— room by room, so they could meet everyone.
Coach Conor: My highlight happened on the fast feet slalom course when Curt sang “doo a dooo dee” as he made his way down the course. Still finishing with a speedy time of 17.27 seconds.
Coach Zack: I liked when Madison exclaimed during the Rock rotation “It was challenging because you could feel the burn and had to keep going”.
Coach Doug: Our "Numbers Game" was awesome! The teamwork was very impressive, with each group evaluating their performance, learning from their mistakes and creating a new focused strategy with each attempt.
Coach Kelley: Fun to meet some of our new furry ELITEAM friends while visiting the dorms... "Avalanche", "Hobbs" and "Pandy" in the boys dorm and too many to name in girls dorm!


What activity did you like best today and why?
Daniel- Slalom because it was fast and fun.
Mark- Slalom because I’ve never done it outside in shoes.
Bennett- Slalom because I haven’t skied it for two months.

What was your most challenging moment, and how did you push through it?
Lucas S- No challenges today. I just had fun!
Bennett- Rocks. They were heavy. I thought to myself- I can do this.
Mark- The tires. You have to have good rhythm.

If you could tell your mom one thing right now, what would it be?
Mark- I love you.
Micah- I love you.
Daniel- Can I stay longer?


2018 Camp Dates

Girls Power Camp: June 12-15 
Park City @ USST Center of Excellence
Ages: 11-14
Rate: $600

ELITEAM Clinic: June 25-26
Lake Tahoe @ Sugar Bowl Academy
Ages: 11-14
Rate: $200

World Cup 1: July 9-14

World Cup 2: July 16-21
Waitsfield @ GMVS
Ages: 11-14
Rate: $1275

Europa Cup: July 25-28
Waitsfield @ GMVS
Ages: 8-11
Rate: $800

Girls Power Camp: August 1-4
Waitsfield @ GMVS
Ages: 11-14
Rate: $850