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WC1 Monday: Core de France

Today at ELITEAM we... started the week off with a pledge to “Make It Count” and proceeded to do just that with a 150 tire obstacle that definitely got the campers’ hearts thumping and the legs burning. Our afternoon focus was on Strength, Core, Agility, Cardio and Mobility - the five elements of sports physiology at ELITEAM. That included carrying rocks, a few hundred more tires, a 20 minute core routine and a flexibility test. Nothing like jumping right into it full steam! After a huge dinner of spaghetti and meatballs with lots of roasted brussels sprouts, it was back to the field for more agility work. Craziness ensued at the relays and the laughter on the field was loud enough to drown out the drone flying overhead. A special shout out today... Happy Birthday to Connor & Coach Livy!!!


 Livy and Connor Birthday



Memorable Moments...

Coach Zack: When Madelyn exclaimed “My rock's name is Sherri because she’s a soccer rock”. 

Coach Molly: I loved seeing the double meaning the campers took on our theme "Make it count". They were literally counting the exercises/movements and also taking the meaning and purpose of the theme and bringing it to life. 

Coach Sami: When the campers ran through the muddy tires with only one shoe and one sock, but kept going!
Coach Jake: I laughed when Jabes said during the core circuit that “this is the Core de France”.

Coach Conor: When all the campers seemed to be faster than me in the tires… it inspired me to work a little harder and up my game. 
Coach Kelley: Watching the campers beat the coaches in the tire competition.
Coach Doug: Coach Conor's shoes were white and bright, but no match for the campers fast feet today!



What activity did you like best today and why?

Cole: I liked the stretching because it felt good.

Thomas: Stretching because it got muscles loose, that I haven't stretched in a while.

Luke: The tires because it required agility, which is something I’m working on.

Max: I liked the strength with Zack, because I can do it at home. Rocks are everywhere.

Connor: The tires because they made it into a race!

Teddy: The rocks station because we got to choose the difficulty.

Sophia: The high knee butt kicks in the relays.

Lindsay: The relays!

Annie: Mind games, because we had to work together. 

Clara: The activity that I liked best today was the relays, because I enjoy dynamic exercises like that. 

Calabria: I liked the core station because although core can be hard I enjoy doing it. Its a great feeling when you power through a hard exercise.



What was your most challenging moment, and how did you push through it?

Cole: My most challenging moment was going up the hill with a rock, I pushed through it by just believing I could. 

Thomas: Most challenging moment was the rock climb because I kept slipping and it was hard.

Luke: The core station, because it was really really hard, I made through the struggle by working hard. 

Max: Stretching because I was so tight, but I just struggled through.

Connor: The flexibility station was really hard, but I pushed through it by digging deep.

Teddy: My most challenging moment was the stretching, and I pushed through it with Doug’s motivation!

Sophia: Walking up the hill with the rock. I pushed through by not trying to focus on the pain. 

Lindsay: The rock walk. I pushed through when I saw the top and just told myself to keep going. 

Annie: My most challenging moment was the rock lifting. I pushed through by just thinking of finishing it. 

Clara: My most challenging moment was the end of the tires and I pushed through it by digging deep. 

Calabria: My most challenging moment was on the last round on the tires, because I was so tired and my legs were burning. I powered through by making sure I had correct form and reminded myself I was close to the finish.


If you could tell your mom one thing right now, what would it be?

Cole: That ELITEAM is very fun.

Thomas: That I am having fun!

Luke: That camp is awesome!

Max: ELITEAM is awesome!

Connor: The tires are fun.

Teddy: I got some sick pictures. 

Sophia: That camp is super fun already.

Lindsay: I forgot my laundry bag. 

Annie: I Miss YOU!

Clara: I’m having fun. 

Calabria: I would tell her thank you for bringing me today and helping me pack and for putting up with my music in the car. Love you mom.

2018 Camp Dates

Girls Power Camp: June 12-15 
Park City @ USST Center of Excellence
Ages: 11-14
Rate: $600

ELITEAM Clinic: June 25-26
Lake Tahoe @ Sugar Bowl Academy
Ages: 11-14
Rate: $200

World Cup 1: July 9-14

World Cup 2: July 16-21
Waitsfield @ GMVS
Ages: 11-14
Rate: $1275

Europa Cup: July 25-28
Waitsfield @ GMVS
Ages: 8-11
Rate: $800

Girls Power Camp: August 1-4
Waitsfield @ GMVS
Ages: 11-14
Rate: $850