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EC Friday: A little too much peanut butter...

Today at Eliteam we… started the day with a morning run & stretch to get our muscles warmed up for the last big day at ELITEAM! At breakfast, we fueled up with yummy french toast, VT maple syrup from Kelley & Doug's backyard and fresh berries! The morning workouts were filled with another round of ropes courses and agility work. After lunch we sampled our ELITEAM Energy Bites for the first time. They turned out to be quite the hit! Next we loaded up the bus and headed off to the sandpits where we took a total of three practice runs and two race runs, putting our agility and speed to the test! Just as we ended, the rain came so we headed back to the dorms to clean up and pack. After dinner we finished our last rotation of rock wall and field games, which included a very intense game of dodgeball! The last part of our busy day entailed running through the dance again, crazy relays and the infamous jello drop. After 6 rounds of heavy competition, Henry and Coach Zack emerged as the Jello victors!



Memorable Moments-

Coach Zack: When Matt said “I don’t have good balance but I’m going to make it count.” 

Coach Conor: I laughed this afternoon when Kate D said that once she gets home she’ll be able to plank for seven straight minutes because of how hard she is working her core at camp!

Coach Molly: I loved seeing campers charge up the hills during the leg routine!

Coach Livy: I thought it was awesome when Logan M. exclaimed “THIS IS EPIC” atop the slalom course.

Coach Julia: I loved seeing all the campers be really positive and psyched up to run through the slalom course.
Coach Kelley: When Cade walked into Doug's room at 5:54am and asked, "Is Teddy up? Can we go run some tires?" We told him to go stack cups instead.



Camper Quotes-

What was your favorite part about the sandpits?

Mackenzie G: I really liked the quick turns. 

Brielle: My favorite part about the sandpits was the competition all while having fun.

Sonja: I liked the fact that they took the top 5, and I liked the fact that the start was uphill.

Natalie: I liked that it was steep and hard, so we had to dig deep.

Kristina: My favorite part was cheering all my friends on. 

Counselor Abbi: Watching kids pushing their limits, diving across the finish and MAKING IT COUNT! 

Sofia: I liked going around the sharp turns and almost jumping into them.

Anna: My favorite part was trying to keep your balance all while trying to go fast.

Noelle: My favorite part was when you were falling down, and being able to get back up and try to do better.


Name one thing you learned today?

Izzi: I learned how to run in better form today. 

Natalie: I learned how to do better tuck jumps and push myself during the leg workout.

Noelle: I learned that some things may be challenging but you should keep trying,


How did you “make it count” today?

Izzy: That I was brave enough to do the rock wall today, even though I was scared. 

Mackenzie G: I made it count by pushing myself in all the activities. 

Sonja: I made it count by getting into the top five during the sandpit slalom. 

Anna: I made it count by pushing my limits and trying not to fall in the sandpits!

Noelle: I made it count by pushing myself really hard and trying to go faster each time. 

Kristina: I made it count when I fell at the sandpits and decided to get right back up and finish it. 


How were the energy bites that we made?

Natalie: Amazing!

Sonja: Awesome!!!

Mackenzie G: Good :))

Kate D: Not my favorite…but healthy.

Mere: They were good, and tasted really healthy!

Anna: They were good!! I think we put too much peanut butter in though! 

Kristina: The best in the world!

2018 Camp Dates

Girls Power Camp: June 12-15 
Park City @ USST Center of Excellence
Ages: 11-14
Rate: $600

ELITEAM Clinic: June 25-26
Lake Tahoe @ Sugar Bowl Academy
Ages: 11-14
Rate: $200

World Cup 1: July 9-14

World Cup 2: July 16-21
Waitsfield @ GMVS
Ages: 11-14
Rate: $1275

Europa Cup: July 25-28
Waitsfield @ GMVS
Ages: 8-11
Rate: $800

Girls Power Camp: August 1-4
Waitsfield @ GMVS
Ages: 11-14
Rate: $850