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EC Wed- Fast and Fun on Day 1

Today at ELITEAM...
We pledged to MAKE IT COUNT, to push ourselves, and to have fun! After orientation and exactly one hundred high knees tires, campers made their way to the RPC Gym for some intense "name games", followed by group rotations through the slalom course, the numbers game, the rock walk, and more tires! After refueling with a big dinner of spaghetti and meatballs, we finished the day with pole agility and crazy relays... trying desperately to tire them all out!


Coach Molly: I loved when Logan R. came running around the corner of the quick feet slalom and high fived the tree! It was awesome.
Coach Tasha: I loved when all the girls in Poundcake immediately banded up in one big group and took a tour of the dorm— room by room, so they could meet everyone.
Coach Conor: My highlight happened on the fast feet slalom course when Curt sang “doo a dooo dee” as he made his way down the course. Still finishing with a speedy time of 17.27 seconds.
Coach Zack: I liked when Madison exclaimed during the Rock rotation “It was challenging because you could feel the burn and had to keep going”.
Coach Doug: Our "Numbers Game" was awesome! The teamwork was very impressive, with each group evaluating their performance, learning from their mistakes and creating a new focused strategy with each attempt.
Coach Kelley: Fun to meet some of our new furry ELITEAM friends while visiting the dorms... "Avalanche", "Hobbs" and "Pandy" in the boys dorm and too many to name in girls dorm!


What activity did you like best today and why?
Daniel- Slalom because it was fast and fun.
Mark- Slalom because I’ve never done it outside in shoes.
Bennett- Slalom because I haven’t skied it for two months.

What was your most challenging moment, and how did you push through it?
Lucas S- No challenges today. I just had fun!
Bennett- Rocks. They were heavy. I thought to myself- I can do this.
Mark- The tires. You have to have good rhythm.

If you could tell your mom one thing right now, what would it be?
Mark- I love you.
Micah- I love you.
Daniel- Can I stay longer?


2017 Dates


Europa Cup: July 5-8
World Cup 1: July 10-15
World Cup 2: July 17-22
GMVS Campus- Waitfield, VT

GPC 1: July 29- Aug. 1
GPC 2: Aug 3- 6
BMA Campus- East Burke, VT

Sorry, no PC camps in 2017.
We plan to return in 2018!

All 2017 camps are overnight.

Europa Cup- $775
World Cup- $1275
Girls Camps- $825