2018 Girls Power Camp @ Park City

Thank you for your interest in ELITEAM's Girls Power Camp in Park City, Utah. Due to a personal conflict, however, we are now unable to be in Park City the week of June 12th as previously scheduled. We were excited to bring ELITEAM back to Park City this summer, and in particular to introduce the GPC program to all the girls. Although we are very disappointed to announce this cancellation, we are brainstorming ways to reschedule for another time and will keep everyone posted if we come up with an alternative. If you have any ties to the East, we invite your daughter to join our GPC session in Vermont (Aug. 1-4). The VT GPC is filling fast, but there are still spots available.
Enjoy the rest of the winter and we hope to see you at ELITEAM in the future!


VIDEO...  Director Kelley Lewis explains how the ELITEAM Girls Power Camp came to life... GPC Video
CATCH THE VIBE... View the 2017 GPC photos here
IN THE NEWS... USST Olympian and Writer Edie Thys featured two GPC articles in her "Racer eX" blog in 2017. Girl Power Part OnePart Deux

Camp Registration Lists & Waiting Lists

  • For questions regarding registration, contact Kelley Lewis at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or 802-793-5055.
  • Camp Lists and Waiting Lists will be posted here until March 1st only. After March 1st, please contact Kelley Lewis for an update.

Registration Update:
CA Clinic @ Lake Tahoe: spots available
Vermont WC1: girls/boys full
Vermont WC2: girls/boys full 
Vermont EC: space available for both girls and boys
Vermont GPC: space available (3 spots only)

 2018 VT World Cup 1  (July 9-14)

Girls                                 Boys

Bell, Emerson Baron, Liam
Bruning, Riley Benjamin, Cal
Burns, Jackie Doyle, Alexander
DiGrigoli, Madison Flannery, Logan
Edenbach, Morgan Francisco, George
Guy, Ginger Gifford, Jabes
Hackett, Molly Hagios, Raymond
Heaton, Winter Hanrahan, Ian
Heinrich-McMullen, Zoe Heaton, Jackson
Hogan, Ellery Hodgkins, Ford
Jankovic, Helena Kelly, Regan
Jessen, Lily Landy, Jackson
Kelley, Brenna Larusson, Bjorn Noi
Kogut, Kate Larusson, Isak
Landy, Elsa Marra, William
Levy, Kate McGuire, Andrew
Locke, Clara Nicholl, Monty
Murray, Lily Popiel, Alec
Naples, Molly Popiel, Emerson
Nippins, Caitlin Reiss, Nicholas
Niss, Katharina Tan, Lucas
Niss, Klara Thayer, Tucker
Solomon, Carly Tracy, Ethan
  Walters, Griffin


Wait List- WC1 girls Wait List- WC1 boys
Testorf, Anna  
Horne, Martha  
Skaane, Ella  
O'Connor, Fallon  
Luczkow, Eloisa  


2018 VT World Cup 2  (July 16-21)

Girls                                 Boys

Baker, Willa Beardell, Louis
Blondek, Mayson Beardell, Paul
Brown, Allison Hamlin, Connor
Brown, Shealagh Hanson, Benjamin
Buxton, Madelyn Holmes, Luke
Clark, Elizabeth Humphrey, Andrew
DeFazio, Donatella Keating, Tyler
Haran, Maggie Koitzsch, Reilly
Honos, Catherine Krupka, Alex
Johnson, Annie Licht, Charlie
Koitzsch, Ellie Madion, Nathaniel
Masillo, Abigail Migliaccio, Henry
Masillo, Chloe O'Neill, Aiden
Monnich, Meredith Roe, Henry
Perez, Kristina Ruth, Benjamin
Schupp, Sophia Schwartz, Jack
Schwartz, Caitlin Sovik, John
Sovik, Anna Sovik, William
Sutch, Tinley Sutch, Carter
Waterfall, Libby Thawley, Addison
Williams, Brayden Thawley, Oliver
Williams, Pippa Vian, Liam
Zordan, Madelyn Weinreich, Harry
  Wiersema, Luke
  Zipp, Jack
Wait List- WC2 girls Wait List- WC2 boys
Heaton, Winter Doyle, Zander
Niss, Katharina Walsh, Tommy
Niss, Klara Millet, Sam
Landy, Elsa Stover, Kitson
Testorf, Anna Hodgkins, Ford
Horne, Martha Flannery, Logan
Skaane, Ella Baron, Liam
Dudley, Mia McGuire, Andrew
  Hanrahan, Ian
  Heaton, Jackson
  Landy, Jackson
  Carpenter, Shane


 2018 VT Europa Cup  (July 25-28)

Girls                                 Boys

Baron, Madeleine Baker, August
Charles, Chelsea Bruning, Cade
Christensen, Kait Christensen, Ty
Donnellan, Kate Coletta, Edmond
Donovan, Regan David, Micah
Duarte, Anna Duarte, Will
Flannery, Summer Durschinger, August
Heinrich-Clark, Isabelle Guy, Jack
Hijjawi, Sophia Heinrich-Clark, Charlie
Luczkow, Ema Claire Marra, Logan
Perez, Sofia Mutter, Daxton
Preston, Sonja Mutter, Tiger
Sovik, Catherine Niss, Kristof
  Paterson, Henry
  Ruth, Henry
  Schwab, Quinn
  Schwartz, Bennett
  Sourbeer, Lucas


2018 VT Girls Power Camp (Aug. 1-4)


Anderson, Margaret
Butler, Ava
Clute, Regan
Dane, Arabella
Drayer, Katelyn
Dudley, Mia
Fuld, Dahlia
Garbarino, Nina
Gillis, Emily
Golden, Hannah
Goodrich, Kate
Hackett, Molly
Hamlin, Reece
Hijjawi, Layla
Horne, Martha
Horne, Meredith
Ingle, Katherine
Ingle, Stella
Kogut, Kate
Landy, Elsa
Loughman, Mackenzie
Loughman, Reilly
Lubin, Eleanor
Nadel, Chiara
Neff, Sophie
Nostrand, Elizabeth
Paterson, Eva
Purcell, Caroline
Tomczyk, Avery
Wareing, Leah
Waterfall, Libby
White, Campbell
Whittaker, Amelie





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2018 Camp Dates

ELITEAM Clinic: June 25-26
Lake Tahoe @ Sugar Bowl Academy
Ages: 11-14
Rate: $200

World Cup 1: July 9-14

World Cup 2: July 16-21
Waitsfield @ GMVS
Ages: 11-14
Rate: $1275

Europa Cup: July 25-28
Waitsfield @ GMVS
Ages: 8-11
Rate: $800

Girls Power Camp: August 1-4
Waitsfield @ GMVS
Ages: 11-14
Rate: $850