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ELITEAM (as in Elite Team!)

ELITEAM Conditioning Camps are designed to make young athletes stronger, faster, healthier and more confident- all while having fun! ELITEAM's unique approach teaches these young athletes not only about Sports Physiology, but also the often overlooked, yet very important concepts of Sports Psychology and Sports Nutrition. ELITEAM's goal is simple- to develop healthy, confident, "complete" athletes.

Through our "hands-on" approach, ELITEAM involves the athlete in the education process. Activities such as rock wall climbing, ropes courses and race situations will be used to teach focus, mental imagery skills and stress management. Mountain biking, running and ski specific exercises will be used to understand the body's physiological functions. And by baking bread, muffins and other healthy snacks, and nutritionally evaluating a variety of foods, the athletes discover how diet can affect their health and performance.

Ultimately, ELITEAM is more than a set of conditioning camps and team-building programs. It is a philosophy. It is a way of life where the focus is on fun, healthy living, learning, growing, setting goals and pushing your limits, both mentally and physically.

Doug Lewis, creator of ELITEAM camps, is a two-time U.S. Olympian and World Championship medalist. Doug has been extensively involved in World Class athletics as a ski racer, coach, broadcaster, motivational speaker and spokesperson for over 30 years... and is dedicated to passing on his winning knowledge of sports and competition to young athletes.


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2014 Dates


World Cup: June 22-26
(ages 11-14)  $1250

Europa Cup: June 28- July 1
(ages 8-11)  $800

Europa Cup 1: July 9-12
Europa Cup 2: July 16-19
(ages 8-11)  $700

World Cup 1: July 21-26
World Cup 2: July 28-Aug 2
(ages 11-14)  $1125