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EC1: Sat- Another Inspiring Olympics

Saturdays start a little later at ELITEAM. IF, the campers go to bed on time (9:00pm lights out and quiet), they are allowed to “sleep in” to 7:00am and skip the morning run & stretch. These campers were asleep by 9:03 and enjoyed that extra 30 minutes of rest. What greeted them at breakfast were egg sandwiches and fruit smoothies!!!

What you do not see on Saturday is the 90 minutes of furious cleaning that goes on after breakfast and before the Olympics start. Campers are responsible for cleaning their own rooms as well as the rest of the Dorm. Wiping, vacuuming, cleaning toilets-sinks-counters, trash removal and more, all at top speeds.

The skies threatened, but again NO RAIN for the competition. It was fierce with every athlete pushing themselves. A couple crashes in the field Obstacle, but near perfection on the Quickfeet SL. The Sleds, “Pain and Agony” were thrown around like they weighed nothing. And the Obstacle Course in the woods was challenging, tough and exciting.

On behalf of the Staff, a big thank you to a great group of athletes at Europa Cup Session 1!!! You really pushed your limits, and in turn, INSPIRED us.

Good luck with your athletics. Push yourself… and BREATHE!

Hope to see you next Summer!


2016 Dates

USSA's Center of Excellence
World Cup- DAY CAMP
June 20-24 (Mon-Fri)
8am-5pm daily
Ages 10-14
Cost $575

GMVS Campus- Waitfield, VT

Europa Cup 1: July 6-9
Europa Cup 2: July 20-23
Ages 8-11
Cost: $725

World Cup 1: July 11-16
World Cup 2: July 25-30
Ages 11-14
Cost: $1175

BMA Campus- East Burke, VT
August 5-7
Ages 11-14
Cost: $425

All VT camps are overnight.